Anyone thinking of tulips quickly thinks of the Netherlands. Although the tulip originates from Turkey, the flower, along with windmills and clogs, have been symbols of our country for decades. The flower, however, has a whole other and deeper symbolic meaning. In fact, the tulip symbolises the declaration of infinite love. Together with Flourishing Partner PolderPride, Van der Plas provides an extensive and unique range of tulips. Share love with PolderPride's special tulips!

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White wedding

In PolderPride's diverse assortment, red, pink, white, purple and multi-coloured tulips fight for attention. Because the flowers also have different shapes, every enthusiast will find a tulip to suit their needs. Perhaps the chicest varieties are the Antartica, Royal Virgin and Northcap. These pearly white tulips are even suitable for weddings, where they beautifully accentuate the white of the wedding dress. The Northcap is a so-called double tulip, which has twice as many tulip petals as the average tulip. The larger number of tulip petals gives the tulip more volume and a more powerful look. As a result, the Northcap even resembles a white peony, but with the powerful symbolic value of eternal love!

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Stronger together

PolderPride's varied and large range of tulips is no accident. PolderPride consists of seven tulip growers who joined forces to offer a large and extraordinary range of tulips together. The growers association has now existed for over 13 years and it is impossible to imagine the tulip landscape without it. By working together on marketing, purchasing and sales, PolderPride can offer enchanting tulips at a competitive price. The members grow the tulip bulbs themselves and subsequently also hatch them themselves. This way, they themselves take care from start to finish of the beautiful tulips that are part of the assortment.

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Find tulip ideas in our Wedding magazine

PolderPride offers a diverse and unique selection of tulips that, with their pretty looks and beautiful symbolism, are perfect for spring weddings. Are you looking for inspiration to allow tulips to shine at a wedding? Then order Van der Plas' Wedding magazine now. So you can be sure that this wedding inspiration bombshell will be delivered to your doorstep. You will find PolderPride's complete collection of wedding-proof tulips in the online catalogue for wedding flowers. The online catalogue will be available in the Van der Plas web shop from 1 April onwards and will include all wedding flowers with the corresponding prices.

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