Wax roses

Are you a florist and looking for a wholesaler that can supply the highest quality wax roses? Look no further! All Saints Day and Christmas are just around the corner, which is why wax roses are once again in abundance. Together with our flourishing partner BergRoseS, we offer a dazzling range of wax roses. For every occasion.

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What do you use wax roses for?

You can use wax roses for everything. In a mixed bunch, but they also look great by themselves in a vase. They are also often combined with dried flowers in a unique dried flower bouquet. You can even combine them with fresh cut flowers. Once the cut flowers have finished blooming, you can often still enjoy the wax roses. Wax roses stay beautiful for 2 to 10 weeks. So your customers can enjoy these beautiful flowers for an extra-long time. Wax roses can take a beating and also stay beautiful outdoors. That's why many people place wax roses at memorials. And thus honour their loved ones who have passed away. What colours are available? Find out more below.

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What colours of wax roses are available?

Too many to mention! BergRoseS' range of wax roses consists of more than 30 colours. From bright yellow to light green, florists have every choice in Van der Plas' web shop. In autumn and around the All Saints and Christmas holidays, golden wax roses, copper wax roses and silver wax roses are extremely popular. Also special: wax roses with glitter snow! Are you getting your customers in the mood for the holidays? Or do you go for wax roses with bright colours for your customers? Learn how wax roses are made below. Are you curious too?

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How are wax roses made?

BergRoseS makes wax roses from the Avalanche +. The roses are harvested more ripe, so the rose is beautifully open. Once at her most beautiful, she is dipped in the coloured wax. After the wax is dry and cured, the wax roses are carefully wrapped. And they are ready to transfer the magic to your customers. As only the queen of flowers can.

BergRoseS installed LED lighting in view of the energy crisis. This allows BergRoses to keep producing this winter and they have Avalanche + roses available to provide with unique wax. BergRoses wax roses are available in 60cm and 70cm lengths.

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