Easter trends

Now that the sun is showing itself again and Easter is just around the corner, nothing is more fun to brighten up your flower shop with lovely Easter decorations! Delicious! A good time to let a breath of fresh air blow in your flower shop and cheer up with fresh spring colours and the latest Easter trends. We have fallen through the range of HBX and made a small selection with fun Easter inspiration for your store.

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HBX Easter accessories

We leave the dark and cold winter weather behind us with Easter and look forward to spring. It is the time of new life and fresh beginnings. In nature, everything blossoms and the lambs frolic in the meadow. The spring sun makes nature blossom. With the Easter products from HBX, you will find everything to let the spring sunshine in your flower shop. The fun Easter accessories in cheerful spring colours will brighten up your store completely.

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Easter bunnies in all colours

One hare does not make Easter… But several hares do! Good news: HBX has Easter bunnies in all soft, delicate, spring-like colours you can think of. So there are always a few perfect shades for your customers. Which one are you going to stock up on?

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I'm so egg-cited!

They are round, elegant, festive and stand for a new life... No Happy Easter without these perfect eggs! HBX's looks so good you almost want to eat them. Don't, because they look so lovely on a sideboard, windowsill or a brand new wall shelf.

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Safe with me

Have you ever seen such an elegant broken eggshell? We do not. And best of all: it works great as a holder for your favourite coffee cups or tea flavours. Or he keeps your most beautiful jewellery neatly together. Whatever you want to put in it, your gems are safe in this egg.

Do these beautiful products inspire you? These colourful Easter decorations will visibly shine during Easter days. With Easter decoration from HBX, your store will soon be entirely at its Easter best!

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