A wedding with lilies, the wedding trend of 2022: with French Elegance. Sparkling, chic, amour. Would you like to know what a lily wedding might look like? You have come to the right place. In this blog, you will find ideas and creations with lilies especially for weddings. Did you know that we have done everything to make it easy for you? The wedding is, of course, all about the bride. She is a princess for a day! And what better way to create that feeling than with lilies as bridesmaids? Isn't every prince going to say yes to that? In this blog, you will find inspiration for the bridal bouquet and the corsage with lilies. That for later, for now: the French Elegance wedding. The trend watchers are sure, this will be the absolute number one wedding theme. Read it here.

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French elegance with lilies

''I wish you all the happiness in the world'', the lily will be singing. A beautiful message at a wedding! With luxurious lilies, you create an atmosphere and ambiance that breathes French Elegance. Just as the lilies open one by one, the attraction of the bride and groom for each other grows. The elegance can be seen everywhere. High-gloss tableware, chic cutlery and beautiful glass etageres. French Elegance is also light, playful, natural and pure. No excess, but lightness, fresh tones and a touch of nouveau chic. Who says "oui"? Moi, moi, moi!

The lilies are available in six different colours, scented or unscented. There is a lily for everyone! You are curious about the bridal bouquet full of bridesmaids? Then read on!

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Bridal bouquet with lilies

They are the perfect flowers for the bridal bouquet. First, they are as chic and elegant as the bride herself. In addition, lilies are extremely strong and the flowers open up during the day, which makes for great wedding photos. Bad luck for the other women, the bride does not throw back such a bouquet. The bridal bouquet with lilies will remain beautiful for at least two weeks. Now that's enjoying the wedding! Also chic: with lilies still in bud, you can create a unique corsage. Once the corsage is put in water at home, it will bloom. Just like the bride and groom's love for each other. You want to go for the ultimate princess-for-a-day feeling? And let French Elegance come back everywhere? Then think of colourful and chic transport with floral art for the wedding car! The lily remains beautiful, pure and elegant. Enthusiastic? Read below how to have a carefree wedding.

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