What is new?

Our improved webshop designed for you! Our new online shop offers you an advanced search tool, improved navigation and a stylish, user-friendly interface.

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Smarter, easier and faster!

A better webshop with a more seamless, intuitive and engaging shopping experience for you. Read more about what we have changed and improved.

  • Advanced search
    Find what you are looking for with our improved search function. We help you by showing previous search terms and suggesting products you are likely to be looking for.

  • Improved product presentation
    Every product deserves to be in the spotlight. Our new logged-in home page makes it easy to quickly navigate to popular categories, featured products, offers and trending items.

  • Personalised recommendations
    With our new technology, you get personalised recommendations that really suit you. Discover products you didn't even know you needed!

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And more

  • New house style & user-friendly interface
    We rebuilt our webshop in the new house style, with a focus on ease and accessibility for all.

  • Speed
    Optimisation of the performance our site/shop to provide loading speed even in areas with poorer internet connections.

  • Security
    The new shop meets the highest security standards to ensure the safety of your personal data and online transactions.

  • Website & shop in one
    From now on, you will no longer be redirected to a separate shop, but the website and shop are one.

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Experience it yourself

Start your new shopping adventure and let us know what you think. Your opinion is valuable and will help us make your shopping experience even better. Contact your account manager if you have any suggestions or feedback.