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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. This day of love is inextricably linked to red roses that express our (secret) love for the person who receives them. But what is the origin of this special day? And why do we give our loved ones red roses and not some other flowers? You will find the answers to these questions in this thematic blog. And, the cherry on top of the love cake, you will also find all the information you need on how to order the traditional red roses for Valentine’s Day in this blog.

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Name and date

The exact origin of Valentine’s Day as we know it today is unclear, but the reason why we celebrate it on the 14th of February is undisputed. In 496, Pope Gelasius proclaimed the 14th of February as Saint Valentine’s day. This explains the date and the name of Valentine’s Day, but not why we give red roses, cards and sweets. Valentine’s Day is actually a Catholic celebration commemorating the presumed date of death of Valentine of Rome.

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Transformation into the day of love

How did the Catholic celebration of Saint Valentine’s day become the day of love? The romantic aspect of Valentine’s Day can be traced back to one of Geoffrey Chaucer’s poems. In the mid-1380s, this English poet wrote the poem Parliament of Fowls, including two lines that associate Saint Valentine’s day with love. These lines are as follows:
For this was on Saint Valentine’s day
When every fowl comes there his mate to take

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Valentine’s Day and red roses

Giving red roses on Valentine’s Day dates back to the Victorian era. In those days, the frank expression of one’s feelings was a taboo. Flowers were used to express feelings for a person and to pass on a message. Lilies for good luck, jasmine flowers for friendship and red roses to declare feelings of love!

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The best way to make a declaration of love

Although the Victorian era is well behind us, the symbolic meaning of the red rose is still very much alive. Every year, millions of people around the world give someone a red rose or a beautiful bouquet of red roses. Your customers certainly want the very best for that very special person in their life. And that is why Van der Plas offers Red Naomi roses for Valentine’s Day. With these beautiful, high-quality red roses, you offer your customers the best way to win the hearts of their loved ones.

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Only the finest roses

Do you want to guarantee that the roses you offer your customers are only the very finest? Then the Red Naomi Supra is the right choice for you. Porta Nova selects roses for the Supra label according to strict criteria: a very dense flower bud, a solid stem and several other quality criteria. Supra flowers have a 14 day vase life guarantee. For Valentine’s Day, the Van der Plas webshop offers Supra roses in lengths 7 and 8. You will also find Red Naomi roses with the Unica and Magna quality labels. These roses are only just below the quality standards required by Supra, but they are nevertheless of excellent quality and have a long vase life.

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The strategy for Valentine’s Day

Since the day of love is celebrated during the winter, the availability of roses is not always obvious. There is also a strong increase in demand for red roses around Valentine’s Day. So how does Van der Plas ensure a sufficient supply of high-quality red roses at a reasonable price? The answer can be found in the close relationship we have established with our favourite growers. Every year we determine in advance how many roses we want for Valentine’s Day and at what price.

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Hassle-free ordering

As a result of these clear agreements, Van der Plas is able to offer Porta Nova’s Red Naomi at a price comparable to last year’s, despite the increase in energy prices. This means that you can maintain your customers’ satisfaction with high-quality roses at a very competitive price. Go for a hassle-free preparation and order the most beautiful red roses for Valentine’s Day from the leading florist platform right now!

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