The days are getting shorter and temperatures are dropping; autumn is in full swing. With the decrease in sunshine hours, the growing season for various flowers is also slowly coming to an end in the Netherlands. For Rotoflowers, the shift in seasons makes little difference. Thanks to a network of exclusive growers in the south of Africa, Van der Plas' Flourishing Partner has a unique and extensive assortment all year round.


Fresh and paint

The wide range of Rotoflowers is visible in Van der Plas' webshop. In addition to fresh flowers such as Ammi Majus, Hypericum, and Gypsophila, you will also find various dyed flowers. Arie van der Plas, general manager of Rotoflowers, explains how dyeing flowers works. "The flowers go to a special company, where they are dipped in the dye. Some varieties are dried first, so they last even longer. After dipping, the flowers go into the drying machine and we get them back dyed and all."


Themed flowers for every moment

"Offering dyed flowers brings several possibilities," Arie says. "We can dye the flowers with the full-color palette, so we can match our flowers to the themes of all kinds of events. This can range from the championship of a local sports club to global events, such as the Olympics in France or the European Football Championship in Germany next year. We also dye our flowers in corresponding colors during seasonal holidays, such as Christmas and Valentine's Day. Currently, we choose a combination of orange and black, to capitalize on Halloween."


Summer flowers in winter

Flourishing Partner Rotoflowers cooperates with various growers from Zimbabwe, Kenya, and other flower countries in Africa. As a result, even during the colder months, there are plenty of summer flowers to be found in Van der Plas' webshop. Arie: "The moment it gets too cold for summer flowers in the Netherlands, the weather in Africa is ideal for flowers such as Ammi Majus, Bupleurum, Gypsophila, and Hypericum. These flowers are very nice fillers for the so-called picking bouquets. So you can enjoy summer flowers even during the winter months."

Hypericum (2)

Celestial Hypericum

One of these summer flowers is the Hypericum. The flower, also known as stag hay, is already a beautiful sight without paint with its pearly berries in various colors. The dyed variety, however, brings a whole new dimension. The silver color, combined with the large berries, transforms the Hypericum into a beautiful filler that is a showpiece in itself. Are you looking for a dyed flower suitable for making some larger collages? Then the Asclepias physocarpa 'Moby Dick' may be for you. With their large, robust head, this flower adds character to your larger floral creations.


Charming Chasmantium

Another striking dyed flower found in Van der Plas' webshop is the Chasmantium. The delicate, detailed leaves stand out even more beautifully after a color treatment, which accentuates every grain and line in the chosen shade. You can use the plant in small pieces as an ingredient for the most beautiful floral creations, or offer it to your customers as a stand-alone ornamental piece. The choice is yours!


Bring color into your assortment

With the (dyed) flowers from Flourishing Partner Rotoflowers, Van der Plas helps you add color to your store. Keep the atmosphere in every season with these colorful flowers and fill your flower creations with fresh and dyed flowers from our webshop. This way you add color to the world of your customers during every season.

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