Summer is in full swing, and it shows. With the increase of the number of sunshine hours, the number of smiling and happy faces is growing as well. Do you too prefer to bring smiles to your customers’ faces? With the right decoration items, you can easily create a summer atmosphere in your flower store. Thanks to the soft and colourful summer tones, you can bring your customers in touch with the sun indoors as well. In this blog you will find different decoration items to give your flower store that fresh and colourful look of summer.

Complementary shades

How do you bring the summer to your business? By combining the colourful, eye-catching plants with pots in soft tones like a pale yellow, white, grey and light pink! The lighter look perfectly complements the plants of the summer season. This way, the pots in which your plants rest their roots will provide the ultimate summer feeling. Do you want to give your own creations that little bit extra with a touch of summer? Then add some coloured moss as a decorative ground cover for the flower pot. This will give your prettiest creations that little bit of extra colour. Perfect for the season in which every flower and plant shows off its most beautiful hues!

Beach vibes

Looking for a way to bring that beach feel of summer to your store? Then consider the versatile wicker baskets, which can be used for both plants and your own creations. The woven baskets will give you that carefree vacation feeling in an instant, with that characteristic look and feel of the sandy beach. The smaller flowers or your own creations complete the look and feel with the pastel-coloured vases. These colourful and artful flower jars will give the smallest (dried) flowers, summer sprigs and creations that sunny finishing touch. Thanks to the subtle, festive colours, these vases also lend themselves perfectly as table decorations in the garden or for the table setting of a summer wedding.

About HBX

The above decoration items are part of the assortment of HBX, a member of the Floral Trade Group. HBX is constantly looking for the most beautiful decorations to help retailers in creating the right ambiance. HBX’s extensive collection includes decorative flower pots, vases, baskets, dried twigs, wreaths, dried fruit and dried herbs. Using these items, you will be able to always give your store the desired ambiance.

Decorations for all seasons

Of course, you don’t want to set the right mood only in the summer. That is why HBX selects the most beautiful decorative items for the coming season prior to each new season. Are you curious about the trends for fall? You don’t have to be! We are already sharing some of the most beautiful decorative items for autumn with you. The emphasis in the fall collection is on simple shapes. For example, the sober, ribbed green vases in the shape of bottles symbolize the transition from summer to winter.

The various candle holders help bring some extra warmth and light to your customers during the time of year when the number of sunlight hours per day is gradually decreasing. Sturdy pine cones with a brilliant coating of coloured glitter bring some extra colour to your store along with your autumnal atmosphere. With their neutral colours, the braided burlap baskets offer a sturdy and appropriate base for every (autumn) flower and autumn plant.

Give your store the right atmosphere

Whether you are already looking for suitable decorative items for the fall season or decorations to give your store that extra summer touch, at Van der Plas you will find the right mood makers for every season. Discover the most beautiful decorative items from HBX in our webshop and give your business the exact ambiance you have in mind. So, what are you waiting for? Find items that match your style and bring your flower store to new heights!

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