Although Valentine’s Day will be different this year, people will still feel the need to surprise their loved ones with a beautiful bunch of red roses. And perhaps that need is even stronger. As a florist, it is even more important to plan ahead this year and to make sure you buy the right amount of roses. Encourage your customers to place their orders in advance, so you can make a good estimate of sales.

Roses from Africa are an affordable solution for busy days like Valentine’s Day. Growers such as Rosa Plaza have enough roses available in every colour imaginable, even for the largest requests. In addition, the heads of African roses are beautifully large in winter and are also attractively priced. A great reason to choose African Roses this Valentine’s Day.

From greenhouse to vase

In the middle of Ethiopia, you can find the greenhouses of Rosa Plaza. They have been growing roses in a small town called Ziway since 2006. Because of the Ethiopian climate, there is plenty of heat and light for the roses to grow. No extra heating or lighting is needed which benefits the environment. Once the roses are the right size, they are cut and prepared for shipping to Rosa Plaza’s location in Aalsmeer, from where they are sold.

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Broad range of varieties

Rosa Plaza have a wide range of varieties, with roses in many different colors and sizes. They have the Valentine-red Monte Carlo and Red Ribbon, the bright yellow Moonwalk and the elegant white varieties of Alp d’Huez and Akito. In addition, they have the premium varieties Sorbet Avalanche+ and Magic Avalanche+. And that’s not all! Pink, green and orange are also represented in Rosa Plaza’s portfolio not to mention the Monique rose: an impressive, two-colored rose with a deep pink core and green edges. Exclusively available at Rosa Plaza.

Social aspect

Roses from Africa are not only bigger and less expensive at this time of year. There’s also a social benefit to buying roses from Rosa Plaza. Their employees have the opportunity to access further education and training programs. They also get free healthcare and their children go to school. Rosa Plaza is affiliated with a project that makes this and much more possible because Rosa Plaza believes that ‘people who are satisfied and feel respected make a better product’.

pracovníci rosa plaza v etiopii

Socially acceptable 

Get ready for Valentine and start buying African roses today and support Rosa Plaza’s project. This week you will find a special offer with African roses of the highest quality in our webshop. Click here to go directly to the webshop.

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