This is not the hit from the 70’s of ‘The Farm’, but the name of a growers association. 4 Anthurium growers (Spekflowers B.V., Kwekerij Oosterzon, Adrichem Anthurium and Bouman Anthurium) have joined forces. Together they market the Anthurium under the name ‘Anthogether’. And in August a new grower will join them. Nursery Evanty has also joined the association.


Together they stand strong

As you just read, Anthogether is a growers association. Together they grow a complete assortment of cut Anthurium of more than 50 different varieties. And that’s not enough, every year new varieties are added.

Snijanthurium van Anthogether
In de kas bij Anthogether

Anthogether for quality

At Anthogether, quality and service are of the utmost importance. For example, the flowers are tested for shelf life on a monthly basis and quality checks are carried out by an inspection team. In this way they ensure the best quality anthuriums for our customers.

Longest vase life

Did you know that the cut anthurium has the longest vase life of all cut flowers? That’s just as convenient in these summer months. Most varieties can stand up to 2/3 weeks. That’s what we call value for money.

Anthurium Denali

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