Dried flowers are booming business for any florist these days. Who would’ve thought that the old fashioned dried flowers would make such a massive comeback! It’s no surprise that they are on the top of the list of the floral trends this autumn. However because of the enormous variety of autumn dried flowers, the possibilities may be a bit overwhelming.

To help you out we’ve found this amazing Autumn colour pallet. An easy way to find out which dried flowers are perfect for your flower shop this season. 5 colours that will compliment autumn.

Tavolozza di colori per fiori secchi


This is probably the best-named Autumn colour, as it’s named after a tree after all. Although it’s quite a dark colour, it’s a warm and inviting colour as well. To compliment Mahogany, you can’t go wrong with wheats like Triticum or Phalaris. Although these wheats are painted, they still have a natural look and feel to them.

Brown Phalaris Dried flowers
Orange Carthamus Dried flowers


Orange is unmistakably connected to autumn. It’s no doubt the first colour to come to mind when you think of autumn. Preserved beech leaves will turn any arrangement into a Fall-Fest. Dried helichrysum and Carthamus are not to be forgotten as they are the perfect pick in this colour range.


A gentle, warm colour to add to your range of autumn colours. The perfect dried flower in this colour has to be the Cortederia. Elegant, gorgeous and ready to take centre stage as it’s over 150 cm tall. Dried roses or peonies are also perfect picks for this colour.

yellow Achillea dried flowers


The perfect base for any arrangement as it’s easily to combine with darker tones. Dried Sunflowers are probably the best choice for this colour. And sunflowers are perfect for autumn. Dried Camomilla and Achillea are not to be forgotten, as they are a great asset to any fall arrangement.

Royal blue

A perfect shade of blue to add to your fall arrangement. If you’re looking for natural dried flowers in this colour you’ve come to the right address. Dried flowers like Eryngium, Limonium and lavender are really close to Royal Blue. Make your pick!


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