It’s that time again, autumn has officially begun. The days become noticeably shorter and the temperatures slowly drop. Hello Autumn! That means: work to be done.

No more bleak, dark autumn with a Physalis in your vase. This flower exudes the cosiness of autumn. “Autumn is really my favourite season, which is why I look forward to growing the seasonal flower Physalis every year”, says Dennis, owner of grower de Koeijer. He also told us how he does his utmost to grow Physalis in a sustainable way.

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Beautiful Physalis  

The Physalis is also called the Chinese lantern, because it looks exactly like a small lantern. This small orange ball is about 5 centimetres in size and looks like paper. The warm orange colour fits perfectly into any autumn bouquet. But the stems of the lantern plant also look beautiful by themself in a vase. You can decorate your shop by presenting the lanterns decoratively in a nice bowl or pot.

Durable atmosphere creator

The warm, orange lanterns of the beautiful Physalis serve as protective shells. The lantern contains an orange-red fruit. The fruit has a sweet-sour taste and is full of vitamins. They are used to make different kinds of jam. They are also used as decoration on a dessert. Thanks to the sustainable method of cultivation, the Physalis is an edible delicacy.

Sustainability Van der Plas
Kwekerij de Koeijer

Grower de Koeijer

Grower de Koeijer was founded in 2000. In the beginning, only boxwood was grown here. Fifteen years ago, owner Dennis de Koeijer made the choice to also grow Physalis. Dennis tells us that he uses the natural enemies to combat the spiders that attack the Physalis. And he uses compost instead of artificial fertiliser. Dennis is constantly thinking about the sustainable world of tomorrow. That is why Van der Plas likes to buy the beautiful Physalis from grower de Koeijer.

Did you know?

If you want to enjoy your Physalis even longer, you can let it dry. The stems should be hung upside down for three weeks. This does not have to be done in a dark room, but can simply be done against the walls of your shop. A nice idea to boost the autumnal vibes of your flower shop.

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