The British dried flower artista Phoebe Mulrooney is an artistic, cheerful and versatile person. And success blows with her dreamy dried flower creations! In 2018, Phoebe founded the floral design company PHOHM: dry flowers in earthy-tone boho style with a touch of romance and ikebana. Since then, her creations have been flying around the world, she won a gold award and has over 10k followers on her Instagram!

Ranging from elaborate wedding bouquets and wedding locations to large events and galas, but also small table arrangements for top restaurants, our florist of the month Phoebe knows what to do with dried flowers! Therefore, she went to work with the autumn range of Dutch Masters in Dried Flowers. In a picturesque corner building in Brighton, she explains that the dried flower arrangements were so successful that she recently opened her own dried flower shop here. As Phoebe says, ” I sell both individual flower stems and ready-made bouquets here. With Christmas coming up, we give wreath workshops here, and we also give these workshops online. And now I get to make some for you, what an honour!”

Even more art

Although dried flowers have been popular in the floral world for some time now, Phoebe believes that the trend is far from over. ” I expect that in 2022, dried flowers will become even more of a work of art, and we will be thinking outside the box more and more. You no longer need a vase to make a flower arrangement. I also think that the Ikebana style will gain even more ground. When flower arranging in this minimalist Japanese art, the focus is on placing a few stems in a vase. I also expect that the combination of dried flowers and fresh flowers will be seen more often. I already use this combination sometimes at weddings and I notice that my customers really like it!”

Asymmetrical and minimalist Ikebana style

Phoebe mainly gets her inspiration from the space or place where her work will be placed. Phoebe also looks at the work of other artists, an exhibition in a museum and of course nature itself! According to her, a composition does not always have to be symmetrical; a floral work of art can also be asymmetrical. “Look at the ikebana style, for example, I like to use the senthourius amaranthus hanging down with Chuvisco standing upright as a contrast. That way your eye is drawn to different contrasting elements that work together at the same time.”

Dried grasses are doing well in Britain, the most popular ‘dried flower’ in Britain at the moment is not pampas grass for nothing. Phoebe: “I can see this pampas grass in every interior design enthusiast’s mind. Besides, we are in the middle of the pampas grass season, extra fun!

Florist des Monats Marianne Guedin

From earth tones to texture mix

Pampas grass also fits in well with the colour palette Phoebe uses. Earth tones with lots of greens, beiges and browns are her favourite, so these colours can be found in abundance in our autumn range. “I love the combination of earth tones and a mix of textures, which is why I love the combination of dried and fresh flowers. My favourite flowers are grasses and palms, especially thresticulula palms in combination with pampas, poppy seeds and fire grass.”

Last but not least, Phoebe recently won the gold award for Chelsea in Bloom. All the more reason to ask her to put together a true work of art from the Dutch Masters in Dried Flowers samples from our autumn range. Are you curious yet?

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