There are many sustainable initiatives going on within the floriculture sector. More and more plastic packaging is being replaced by paper or other biodegradable materials. But is paper always the right choice? To be innovative and sustainable in the long term and to make life easier for you as a florist at the same time, we have opted for a future with circular plastic.

Eco Flowerbox

We will start introducing the Eco Flowerbox / FECT to our distribution chain from June 2021. Together with Circular Plastics, we have developed an attractive and user-friendly multi-use Flowerbox that is made from recycled raw materials and has a life cycle of 7 years. Circular means that at the end of its useful cycle, the box is recycled again and a new box is made using recycled raw materials and because of this the Eco Flowerbox is proven to be much more sustainable than current flower boxes.

Eco flower box
Hyacint inspiratie

“Being a sustainable partner to florists is central to our mission, therefore the introduction of the Eco Flowerbox in the distribution chain of Van der Plas is a logical choice.”

Hans van der Plas, Van der Plas Flowers and Plants

100% recycled plastic 

The box is specially designed for efficient transport on Danish trolleys and is ideal for packing flowers and plants. Made from 100% recycled plastic from the horticultural industry, it is therefore completely sustainable and circular. This is the best example of closed-loop logistics: No single-use cardboard boxes but a sustainable solution!

Hyacint inspiratie
kubus europa

Circular economy

Through a collection system that covers the whole of Europe and the use of modern techniques, continuous recycling and reuse of plastic in a closed cycle is guaranteed. To tackle this on a large scale, strong partners are needed to enable the transition to a circular economy.

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