It’s green week again! During this week, Van der Plas decorative greenery is in the spotlight. An ideal time to dress up your shop with green atmospheres and (re)introduce your customers to beautiful decorative greenery. At Van der Plas you can order the most beautiful cut foliage from a unique and extensive range. Create the most beautiful creations and amaze your shop visitors with the extensive possibilities of decorative greenery.

Soft and graceful

One of the green products symbolising Green Week is the Eucalyptus populus. With its characteristic pale green waxy leaves, this plant is an ideal filler in various bouquets, Christmas arrangements and other decorative greenery. Eucalyptus populus, which you can order from the Van der Plas online shop, has green berries that give it a playful appearance. An alternative to the populus is its relative Eucalyptus cinerea. This plant has slightly coarser leaves with a silvery grey sheen and is therefore perfect for finishing off Christmas arrangements and bouquets.


Decorative green with festive touch

In addition to natural Eucalyptus populus and Eucalyptus cinerea, Van der Plas also has dyed specimens in its range. This means that you can easily order Eucalyptus populus and cinerea in typical holiday colours such as red, white, gold and silver. This way you can compose the most beautiful bouquets, Christmas arrangements and other Christmas creations for your customers!

Ideal ingredients for Christmas decorations

Of course, the festive season is not complete without Christmas arrangements and Christmas wreaths. Nobilis conifer branches with white ribbons immediately put every guest in the Christmas spirit and are therefore an ideal decorative greenery for Christmas arrangements and wreaths. The Nobilis originated in America but is now grown in Denmark, among other places. This is also the country where Van der Plas sources the greenery for its Christmas decorations. The white Nobilis ribbon branches are ideal for florists who like to create their own designs for their customers.

Christmas greenery ready for use

Would you rather spend your time and creativity decorating wreaths for your customers? Then simply order ready-made Nobilis wreaths from Van der Plas and add your own decorations and decorative greenery. For Christmas arrangements and wreaths with a slightly finer finish, Van der Plas offers Pinus strobus in its range of decorative greenery. This twig, also known as Kiefer, has a slightly longer and less coarse needle, thus offering some variety.

Decorative greenery for every creation

With the Van der Plas decorative greenery collection, you can offer your customers a fresh range of cut greenery. Whether you prefer to offer your customers a bouquet with natural Eucalyptus populus or a radiant Christmas arrangement with gold-dyed Nobilis white ribbon, this is possible with the decorative greenery from the Van der Plas online shop.

Greenflor christmas greens

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