3 generations with their heart and soul in the middle of the most beautiful greenery. Together with a team of professionals who live for their profession. That’s what grower Fachjan is all about. Their 57,000 m2 greenhouses is filled with tropical and subtropical green plants. Their flowering and fruit-bearing trees are up to fourteen meters high! Meet this week’s grower of the week.


Quality is key to Fachjan. They find their plants all over the world, and regularly inspect their plants. They also ensure that imported plants spend enough time in the greenhouses to acclimatize before delivering to their clients. This ensures the plant is of the highest quality.

Snijanthurium van Anthogether
In de kas bij Anthogether


They are taking more and more steps to work climate-neutral. Solar panels have been placed on the roof of the warehouse and quarantine rooms for a next step in making the company more sustainable. In total, 270 solar panels have been installed. They will provide the largest part of the electricity supply. Fachjan grows their plants in an environmentally friendly way. This includes optimal use of fuel and fertilizers and an integrated use of crop protection agents.


A large Ficus in a hotel lobby, a jungle in a zoo or a forest of palm trees in a tropical swimming paradise. Their experts are able to give good and correct advice. They advise not only in the field of plants but also on related topics such as: project-specific plant selection, the execution of the project, maintenance, temperature and light, the ideal growth conditions and the soil conditions. Just check out these projects.

Anthurium Denali
Anthurium Denali

Swimming pools

They have many years of experience in supplying tropical plants to all types and sizes of swimming pools and tropical swimming paradises in the Netherlands and many other European countries.


The choice of plants for zoos depends on many aspects. Does the building contain animals, butterflies, fish? Which temperature is requiered? What is the amount of light? How is the expectation of the final result? Fachjan knows!!!

Anthurium Denali
Anthurium Denali

Your flowershop

Think these trees are too big for your flowershop? No worries. They have a great variety of tropical plants that are perfect for your shop and custuomers. Not too big, not too small. Order via plant world and you’ll get your plant straight out of the greenhouse.

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