June sounds like: the big holidays are behind us. June also sounds like: almost summer! That means it’s high time to make your flower shop summer proof! Let that summer breeze blow through your shop and make it feel like a holiday. Time for sunny looks and summery decoration. Feel like being outside? This week, we have the most beautiful flowering garden plants on offer for your flower shop!


Kwekerij Noordpoel

Nursery De Noordpoel

Nursery De Noordpoel from De Kwakel, founded by the brothers van der Knaap, has a wide range of beautiful garden plants. Over the years the nursery has grown to its current size of 6 hectares of fields and greenhouses. In 2015, Arnoud Van der Knaap took the step to continue the company on his own.

Together with the team of permanent employees and supported by his young children on the weekends, Arnoud hopes to bring the next generation of van der Knaaps into the floral business. The unique offer of garden plants varies almost daily. Curious? Take a look and see what’s waiting for you this week:

Great enjoyment with fragrant lavender

What smells more summery than lavender? Close your eyes, take a deep breath and Italy is at your feet…This perennial hardy plant does well in a pot on the balcony but looks equally good in the ground. If you plant lavender in a sunny spot, you will get a beautiful sturdy bush in return! Lavender comes in white, lilac and purple flowers. The grey-green foliage of the plant matches almost every flower. Moreover, butterflies love the purple flowers of the lavendula, so twice as much fun to watch!


Astilbe: waving plumes in innumerable colours

Beautiful waving plumes amidst greenery, can you imagine it? Plumes ranging from white, yellow and soft pink to even lilac, bright pink, purple and bright red! Do you want to bring more colour into your garden? With the herbaceous astilbe, you have come to the right place. This panicle has something for everyone, both in terms of colour and height (ranging from 25 to 70 cm). Even when the plumes have finished flowering, they still look decorative! In winter too, they are dazzling with a layer of snow or hoarfrost. Birds find their way to it in the spring when Astilbe makes perfect nesting material. And did you know that the seed of the astilbe is super small? It’s no bigger than a speck of dust!

First-class bedding plant mix is full of joy

This bedding plant mix is guaranteed to be a success. There is the bacopa which steals everyone’s heart with its pretty little flowers. This varied summer bloomer which can be used as a hanging plant or as ground cover, comes in white, pink and blue. The Lobelia is also worthy of note with its beautiful appearance ranging from soft powder blue to bright royal blue. This strong plant grows long and abundantly through the summer! Then there is the pink diascia, which loves the sun and is a great ‘gap filler’ in a stacked wall, between stones or between other plants. Our bedding plant mix is more than colourful, so there is something for every garden taste. And all that for a super attractive price!


Purple campanula portenschlagiana as the ultimate ground cover

The purple Campanula Portenschlagiana, also known as bellflower, is the ultimate ground cover. This short but wide-growing plant crawls under everything. It thrives in any garden soil and with its star-shaped leaves and pretty blue-purple flowers sometimes looks like a swaying sea. Moreover, this bellflower stays green in the winter and can stand up to a little frost. So buy this blue-purple beauty quickly!

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