They color the most beautiful days of your life and offer comfort in the most difficult moments: lilies. That is why we are so happy with our new Flourishing Partner Dutch Lily Masters, which provides us with the most beautiful lilies grown on Dutch soil, all year round. Today we pay a visit to the greenhouses of these passionate lily growers, to marvel at their magnificent masterpieces. Are you coming with us?

Dutch lily masters grower

Together at the helm

Klaas Wagenaar, Wim-Jan Paauw and André Imanse were until recently at the helm of their own family businesses, each with a rich history dating back multiple generations. “We were increasingly asked whether we could supply our higher quality lilies in larger batches”, says Paauw. “As the enthusiastic lily growers we are, we came in contact with each other. We found that we maintained the same high-quality standards and that we could complement each other well.

Old masters, new masters

Dutch Lily Masters was born. Three strong lily brands under one new name. “Because we are proud of our Dutch roots, we thought that the link to history, craft and art was very appropriate. Old Dutch masters such as Rembrandt van Rijn and Vincent van Gogh are known worldwide. What they stood for, we transfer to the current times: creating excellent masterpieces that impress. Of course, innovative, with a nod to modern art. We view our lilies as today’s masterpieces.”

creatin with lilies
weiße Lilien

Everyone has a specialty

There are countless of types of lilies. In addition to several seasonal ‘specials’, Dutch Lily Masters deliberately focuses on ten fantastic varieties that are available all year round, such as the Table dance, the Santander and the Frontera. “The latter type is exclusively available from us”, Paauw proudly says. “Spread over six different locations, the lilies grow in 20 hectares of greenhouses. Since the collaboration, we can specialize on a few types per location. This is not only more efficient, but also ensures higher quality lilies. The most valuable moments in life deserve the very best lilies.”

Every season

In three months, the bulbs grow into true masterpieces. That means: a fresh harvest every season. “Now that we are working together, we can guarantee that the desired large-flowered masterpieces are available all year round. Also for larger events”, says Paauw. “White lilies are still by far the most popular and do very well at weddings and funerals. White lilies are also my personal favorite.”

Newest lilies dutch lily master

A lily for everyone

In the end, the most beautiful lily is the lily that makes the customer happy. “Although after all these years I still enjoy the smell of lilies,” Paauw continues, “the taste differs per country. That is why we are developing a non-fragrant species. We always listen to the wishes and needs of the florist. For example, the flowers of our lilies are positioned at the top, so that they fit well in bouquets. Florist happy, consumer  happy,we  happy!”

Keep on rollin’

If you want to grow, you have to be smart. That is why Dutch Lily Masters uses a unique roll container system. “The boxes of lilies, controlled by a state-of-the-art internal transport system, fully automatically roll through the greenhouse”, explains Paauw. “The lilies come to the picker and on the way they automatically get the exact amount of required water. Thanks to this smart automation, we can supply even more lilies, while keeping the quality constant and high.”

dutch lily masters
les lys durables

Green lilies

Dutch Lily Masters is of the current age and makes her masterpieces as sustainable as possible. And that can be seen by the highest certifications of MPSA and Global Gap. “Lilies are easily satisfied; a greenhouse of 16 degrees is enough. Only between October and March do they need some extra light. Energy comes from the solar panels on our roofs. We do not use chemical pesticides, but we have been using insects for natural control for a year and a half now.

Every week, the natural antagonists are released, after which we keep an eye on the population. The plant substrate in the soil is 100% recycled. And our lilies get to drink rainwater. This is also a closed cycle.”

Isn’t that a masterpiece from Holland?

A look at the masters

Would you like to take a look behind the scenes at Dutch Lily Masters? During our visit to the ‘new masters’ we made this exclusive video. Check it out here!

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