Because we sit at home a lot and we can travel less, people want to feel extra at home in their own homes and gardens. Never before has there been so much gardening as last year, and this trend will only increase in 2021! Is your customer’s garden or balcony ready for the new season? We have selected the most beautiful garden plants!

Gardening makes you happy! Working in the garden reduces stress and increases self-esteem. What could be more beautiful than a garden or balcony full of flowering garden plants? As a result of all the time spent sitting at home, people have started to work in their gardens, which has led to a huge increase in the demand for garden plants. This has led to scarcity, making garden plants more expensive. Quality is therefore extra important and that’s exactly what we deliver!
For florists, garden plants are a nice additional sale, the average spending of the customer goes up. This week we have the most beautiful and attractive garden plants on offer!

Lovely Bacopa 

Is there a lovelier plant than the Bacopa? Its green stems are bursting with tiny flowers, each consisting of five petals. These cute little garden plants come in pink, blue, and white and bloom from May to October. You could describe the Bacopa as a jack-of-all-trades: this summer bloomer can be used as a ground cover in the open ground, as a hanging plant in a pot, but it also likes to crawl all over something! And did you know that this plant is known in herbal medicine as a memory enhancer?

   Lovely Bacopa 
Pétunia à longue floraison

Long flowering Petunia

The Petunia is a popular annual garden plant with a very long flowering period. From June until September, the flowers of this exuberant summer flower bloom. Especially for an annual border, the Petunia is very suitable, they like full sun. The leaves are very fine. The nice thing is that this garden plant is available in many different color varieties: From pink to dark red, different shades of orange, white, pink with red and white rays, or rather white with a yellow heart? This diverse choice of colors makes the Petunia suitable for any garden!

Playful Fuchsia

This playful summer bloomer instantly turns the balcony or garden into a party! In a popular speech, this cheerful plant is also called a ‘bubble plant’. The Fuchsia starts out as a bell and this bell gets a kind of skirt from which long blades emerge. Some people think this garden plant looks like a ballerina. The fuchsia is available from April through June and continues to bloom well into autumn. The flowers – ranging from bright pink to deep purple, red and yellow – then turn into berries. This one of the longest flowering summer flowers is available as a tree, shrub, or hanging plant. With the Fuchsia you bring a jewel into your home!

Playful Fuchsia
Kindergarten Gebr. Grootscholten

Quality grower Gebr. Grootscholten

All these quality products come from grower Gebr. Grootscholten. This nursery has a long cultivation history that goes back to 1944! The assortment changes continuously and in spring the nursery has about 50 different types of summer flowers. At Gebr. Grootscholten you are at the right place for a wide range of exclusive and innovative garden plants!

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