Green is the new white! We predict: the wedding dress will be green, not far from now. Now you might think we lost it. And we get it. A green wedding dress is highly unlikely. A literal green dress yes. But a figuratively green wedding dress makes a lot more sense, doesn’t it? CO2 neutral will common. And we are embracing this. Because declaring love and looking after Mother Earth is a wonderful win-win. Does your customer care about the environment? Then you should definitely read this blog! 

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The power of green

Green is strong. Think of The Hulk. Doesn’t your client want a strong marriage too? A marriage in which you look after each other is the only one that will last. Caring for each other is not only good for a marriage. It is also good for nature and perhaps for the whole of humanity. We have to do it together, together for green. We cannot summarise this wedding theme any better. The ecological green wedding is unique, atmospheric and authentic. Moreover, this wedding theme can be perfectly carried through to the smallest details. Have you become curious? Perfect, then read on.

Ecological Green Wedding

Green is not boring! Have you ever seen a boring forest? You get the point. A green wedding does not mean that everything is one colour green. What about Asparagus? Green could not be more joyful or more decorative. Aspidistra provides its own lively green atmosphere as wel. The same go’s for to the sprightly and youthful mountain grass. Nice to know: Mountain grass is related to the lily. So you’ll understand that this leaves are super strong. And ideal for weddings. Another green hit for weddings: fragrant eucalyptus. The more senses you stimulate, the better the atmosphere. One to think about: a mediterriania wedding.  Here, the greenery can go hand in hand with the food and the musical choices. And the theme really comes to life. OK, you’re convinced? Then read on for tips on the best suppliers of greenery.

Green starts with Coloriginz

If you go for Green, you go for Coloriginz. With pride and passion they work on a huge network of growers and traders worldwide. More than 100 employees make sure every day that the green gets to its destination. The more original the product, the better! They choose to focus on efficiency and impact. This way, they provide robust products at a competitive price.
Hopefully we inspired you with the Ecological Green Wedding. A wedding is romantic, special and exciting.

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