When you think of Nobility, you don’t immediately think of a Chrysanthemum grower do you? You think of castles, servants and Maggie Smith playing a sassy grandmother. Linflowers however, has aristocratic roots that go back to the 14th century, and remains a family business today. Their family crest is even emitted into their logo.

What do they grow?

As we have mentioned before, Linflowers is a grower of Chrysanthemums. In their greenhouses they grow different varieties of Chrysanthemum. The most popular kind has to be the Baltica Chrysanthemum. This is a spray Chrysanthemum that comes in 6 different colors. Such as White, Pink, Salmon, Yellow, Lime and Cream. Now, this variety has been at the top for over a decade. Because it has a very long vase life and is also of excellent quality.

Linflowers Baltica White
Linflowers Baltica Pink
Linflowers Baltica Salmon

What does it take to grow them?

It takes about 10 weeks for a Chrysanthemum to grow from cut to flower. Linflowers grows about 42.000.000 Chrysanthemums a year. Yes, 42 million stems are grown every year, isn’t that amazing?  Well, off course they can’t all grow their Chrysanthemum in the same place. Currently there are 3 locations where different varieties of Chrysanthemum are grown. Because of their innovative way of growing their flowers, there are only 25 employees needed to keep these places up and running.

Baltica Yellow Lopende Band
From Cut to Flower
Linflowers Greenhouse

Growing environmentally friendly

Linflowers likes to work environmentally friendly and they want to contribute to a better world. How do they do that? For example, using different means to ensure an ecofriendly way of growing their Chrysanthemum. While nontheless maintaining a top quality Chrysanthemum.

  • Diffuse glass keeps a higher temperature in the greenhouse
  • LED-Lightbulbs use less power than regular lightbulbs
  • Solar Panels generate power for their different nurseries
  • Misting installations use less water than regular installations
  • Natural Pesticide keeps their Chrysanthemum healthy

Think Chrysanthemums are old fashioned? Why not have a look at these arrangements, and you’ll think twice before you say that again!

Find everything from Linflowers in our webshop.

Linflowers Baltica White Arrangement
Linflowers Baltica Pink Arrangement
Linflowers Baltica Yellow Arrangement

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