If you think that Chrysanthemums are boring you haven’t seen the Zentoo collection yet. Fifteen passionate growers of our flourishing partner all have one goal: to make everyone found of chrysanthemums as they are.

As the days slowly start to shorten, everyone could use some colors in their life. Long live the chrysanthemum! You can get them all year round, but those flowers are the most beautifull in autumn, we can’t and won’t do without them. The’re stars of flower shop and should not be missing in autumn bouquets.


Choice Stress

Chrysanthemums are old. The flower which originated in Asia arrived in Europe in 1700. Where the Chrysanthemum once existed only in the old-fashioned golden yellow colour, it now literally comes in all shapes and colours. Soft, fluffy, bouncy and graceful, in yellow, pink and lilac to orange-gold. Tough choices should be made while making a bouquet.

Van der Plas buys the autumn flowers from Zentoo. This is a group of passionate growers who all have their own personal garden, while sharing their passion and knowledge with each other in order to grow ever better flowers together. Where one grower is strong in strong stems, the other grower is always tracking down new varieties. Together, this group of growers offers the complete panel of colors of chrysanthemums.

Ethic chrysanthemums

For the Zentoo growers, it is a matter of course to make their colourful Chrysanthemums as ethic as possible. That is why their products are certified with MPS-A and MPS-GAP. “Our crop protection is maximally organic,” says Danny van Uxffelen on behalf of Zentoo. “We use as few chemical agents as possible and grow our chrysanthemums neonicotide-free, or bee-friendly.”

In addition, the growers use sustainable energy sources. “For the growth of our products we use, among other things, CO2 that is a residual product from the processes of Shell in Rotterdam. We heat our greenhouses with geothermal heat and residual heat from power plants instead of natural gas, among other things. We generate a lot of electricity ourselves using large numbers of solar panels and are increasingly using LED lighting. In this way, our chrysanthemums make the world a happier place, in every sense of the word.”

Green chrysanthemum
chrysant salm paars en rood

Golden flower

The word “Chrysanthemum” means “golden flower”. There couldn’t be any better word to describe those autumn beauties, this year’s Zentoo autumn selection is mainly coloured salmon, lilac and orange, purple and dark red. Totally in keeping with the latest trends and perfect for a cosy autumn.

Have we forgotten to mention the reason why we love chrysanthemums? Strong, standing firmly on their pedestal and continuing to shine in their vase for a long time. It is a symbol of happiness, honesty, loyalty and long life. Aren’t those the best wishes you could you give someone? Still not found of chrysanthemums? That’s something we find hard to believe!

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