Her hands have always loved creating something. From drawing, knitting to carpentry… Once flowers were in her hands, Turid Lien from Norway went overboard. This became her profession! Meet this creative Norwegian florist who loves blue flowers.

“The more plants and flowers around me, the happier I am! I am still fascinated by the colors, shapes and lines of a flower. Every flower is unique,” says Turid in her flower shop in Ski, a town 30 kilometers south of Oslo. After her training as a florist, she participated in several European competitions. “Every competition took me one step further in my craftsmanship as a florist! ” she says delightedly.
Turid has been the proud owner of her own flower shop Skiblomster for 8 years now and she’s also a jury in several Norwegian flower arranging competitions. In addition to conventional bouquets, she makes special flower arrangements for funerals, but also regularly provides the decoration for luxurious hotels and eccentric weddings.

Small modest, fragile Myocotis as favourite

Van der Plas is the ideal partner for Turid. “It is very nice that they are always there for me, and I have my own contact with real professional knowledge. In addition, their deliveries are very quick if, for example, I have a specific demand for a flower from a customer. I am very happy with the service.” It’s not a specific kind of flower, but a color which stands out for Turid. “Blue flowers are my favorite! All shapes and sizes.

Turid con vergeet mij nietjes

For example, the blue Scilla bifolia is one of my favorite flowers in spring… But I also love the Anemone hepatica. Yet of all the flowers, the small modest and fragile Myocotis wins! For me, there is nothing better than getting a bouquet full of ‘forget-me-nots’…” Turid says delightedly.

vergeet mij nietjes

Focus on retro & sustainability

As in other countries, Norway also has many styles and methods within flower arranging. One difference is that in Norway flowers are quite pricey compared to surrounding countries. As a result, every flower is treated with extra love, attention and precision! Turid: “Trends that remain for the time being are first and foremost the focus on retro. In addition, I think we will focus even more on sustainability in the coming years. Do we take good care of the environment where we grow our flowers and plants? Do we do this in the greenest way possible?”

She finds her inspiration mainly in nature. “I am surrounded by mountains and fjords. All I have to do is look around and new ideas will flood over me!”

Turido con vergeet mij nietjes

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