The elegant orchid is the perfect plant for the florist during the sunny summer months. With the durable orchid, your shop will always look colourful, attractive and complete. Orchids remain beautiful for a long time in warm weather and are available in an infinite number of colours. So order quickly!

Nothing is more attractive than a shop full of blooming flowers, but there is one problem: during the hot summer months, you don’t want to have too many cut flowers around. You’d rather keep them in the back of the fridge and replenish them more often, so that the flowers stay nice and fresh. The solution? The heat-resistant and durable orchid that provides plenty of volume and colour to your shop!

As the ideal partner for the florist, Van der Plas has naturally selected the best orchid grower for you. Optiflor is a pioneering orchid grower with more than 100 years of cultivation experience and also has the most distinctive, widest Phalaenopsis assortment in all of Europe!  They grow unique species and varieties that you won’t find anywhere else. As a result, they have orchids with a real wow-factor! Did you know that Optiflor also grows orchids in a much smaller pot size than the standard 12? This week, we have highlighted three exceptional Phalaenopsis varieties!  

Singolo – first single flowered Phalaenopsis

As the first single-flowered Phalaenopsis, the Singolo takes on a striking appearance. A sturdy, compact plant with one beautiful, large flower, which towers high above the low leaves and stubbornly looks out into the world. With a large flower diameter of 14 centimetres, this orchid is beautiful on its own, but even in a bunch, this seductive solo artist shines! Place two or three white, purple or pink Singolo’s in a striking pot next to each other and success is guaranteed!

pianta rosa orchidea phalanopsis
pianta di phalanopsis di orchidea bianca

Ponto – friendly bridge builder

Who says a flower can only grow straight up? Like a friendly bridge builder, Ponto likes to bring people together. The graceful branches with their abundant flowers find each other in the air. The result is a bridge paved with flowers. Thanks to its compact character and slender appearance, Ponto is very suitable for the windowsill. The charming Ponto has a flower diameter of 9 centimetres and is available in the colour white. With two eye-catching ornamental pots, you can finish off Ponto in style!

Formidablo – waterfall of virgin white flowers

With a branch length of up to 90 centimetres, the beautiful flowers of this special variety are a real feast for the eyes! The Formidablo owes its special shape to the application of a traditional Japanese steel wire technique. A particularly mystical atmosphere surrounds this orchid with a waterfall of pristine white flowers. The fantastic Formidablo makes an unforgettable impression on everyone and is an elegant eye-catcher in any room!

Curious about the complete range of Phalaenopsis? Take a look at our webshop and make your shop summer proof! With our orchids, a complete experience is guaranteed for your customers!

white orchid phalanopsis plant

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