A dance of joy, they are here again: peonies! This seductive beauty is available in soft pastel shades and all the way to bright colors and from a folded sphere to an exuberant explosion of splendor. Peonies bloom every spring in more than a thousand shapes and sizes. If you have not bought this beauty yet, you should do so quickly!

Most of the peony species bloom in the months of May and June and grow up to become between 0.8 and 1 meters high. Peonies are often used as cut flowers, but they are also grown as garden and ornamental plants. Peonies do not rush! It is impossible to get these to bloom out of season.



Did you know that the botanical name Paeonia comes from ancient Greece? The peony is named after a student of Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine and healing. Today, the peony stands for wealth and honor and exudes pure love and romance. Van der Plas would like to introduce you to three beautiful peony specimens from our unique range!

Madame Claude Tain: Royal White

You’re not going to get peonies any whiter than this. You see; the beautiful, pure white peonies, who bear the name Madame Claud Tain, are indispensable from bridal bouquets and spring weddings. The more light Madame gets, the bigger her stately bulbs become. The bud size of this queen is 30-50 mm and the flower size is 100-200 mm. You can’t help but say ‘Yes’ to these full, double, richly filled peonies that also smell insane! So… What’s your answer to that?


Kansas: unique peony with hefty buttons

Kansas is a double peony with red stems and dark petals. Early in the season, Kansas has hefty 100-150mm buds, which slowly but surely are maturing. If you leave this late bloomer alone for a while, it will burst out of its seams and grow into an amazing work of art in the unique color fuchsia… Your patience will be rewarded anyway!

Mother’s Choice: gigantic ivory-colored flowers

We don’t think it’s strange that Mother’s Choice is one of the most popular peonies in the world. Her stems are short, her perfectly shaped flowers are gigantic at 150-200 mm and her ivory color is fine and elegant. Growers who successfully breed this demanding peony can pat themselves on the back. When Mother’s Choice breaks open at the height of the peony season, it’s like uncorking a fancy champagne bottle. Cheers to these beautiful peonies!


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