Most potted plants in a flower shop are known for their green leaves or their colourful buds and flowers. The Poinsettia, or Christmas Star, does things a little differently: spectacularly coloured leaves give our customers and us that Christmas feeling. And honestly, don’t you also get so happy when you have them back in your shop for the first time?

At this time of year Poinsettias also play a prominent role in the assortment of C&M Kester, our grower of the week.

Grower of the Week

Cornée and Marino Kester started growing potted plants 22 years ago. Since then their company has grown considerably and to date, covers a surface area of almost 40,000 m2. By automating their activities, orders from wholesalers and florists are ready for departure within 3 hours. C&M Kester’s growth has seen the company’s portfolio grow considerably. In addition to Poinsettias, they also grow Cyclamen, Sunflowers and Fuchsias.

New: Poinsettia SKYSTAR

C&M Kester grow Poinsettias in a number of different colours and pot sizes. In addition to the traditional red variety, they also produce white, pink, light pink and a white variant with pink shades. This year a spectacular new variety has been added: the SKYSTAR. A species characterised by bright red leaves with white dots that look like stars in a clear sky, this Poinsettia lives up to its namesake, SKYSTAR.

Poinsettia Skystar

Mexican Legend


The poinsettia grows wild in humid subtropical areas in Central America. So why is the Poinsettia so popular at Christmas? An old Mexican story may give us the answer. Legend has it that a poor girl named Pepita had no money to buy a present for Christ, as was customary during Christmas. She decided to pick some weeds from the verge and made a bouquet from them. Inside the church the bouquet of Pepita started to bloom producing beautiful red and green flowers. People considered this to be a true Christmas miracle. Since then the Poinsettia in Mexico is called ‘Flores de Noche Buena’, which literally means flowers of good night.


Poinsettias are a real must-have for all florists today. That’s why they are in the spotlight with us this week. Curious about the new poinsettia SKYSTAR or other types of poinsettia by C&M Kester? Then keep an eye on our webshop.

Poinsettia red white

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