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Successful wedding season for florists2022-06-08T12:30:37+02:00

Europe’s #1 platform for weddings and events

Van der Plas has a clear mission: to unburden European florists when purchasing via the #1 platform for florists. We make this mission concrete with the wedding order list. With the wedding order list, we promise you:

  • Only top quality from top breeders. Always.

  • Guaranteed fixed flower prices. We promise.

  • Guaranteed delivery. 100% sure.

Wedding order list

The wedding season 2022

The most beautiful day of your life, the princess-for-a-day feeling, saying yes to each other, connecting in real life, getting married, promising each other eternally or getting married.

Whatever you call it. With Europe’s #1 florist platform for weddings and events, it’s always a ‘yes’! Be enchanted and inspired by our sparkling wedding magazine. You can order it for free via this button. Not a customer yet? Don’t worry. You get a customer account for free.

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Tips & Tricks

for using the wedding order list

Below you will find tips & tricks for a carefree wedding assignment. The tips & tricks are divided into ‘before’, ‘during’ and ‘after’ working with the order list. Got a question? Check the FAQ or contact your Van der Plas contact person. We like to hear from you.



Step 1.
Important: the wedding date is essential when a future couple is looking for inspiration for their wedding. The wedding date determines the offer on the wedding list. Discussing expectations is very important. For example, if the bridal couple gets married in June, it is wise only to show bridal themes with flowers witch can be purchased in June. You can check this in the wedding order list by selecting the departure date.
Step 2.
You use the wedding list for weddings and events in June, July, August, September and October.
Step 3.
You calculate back from the wedding date. Reserve time for making the floral art. And keep in mind the ripening process. Then determine the day of departure from the Netherlands. Take into account the duration of the transport. Are you in doubt? Ask your Van der Plas contact person.


Step 4.
Go to shop.vdplas.com and choose ‘wedding’. Click on the desired departure day from the Netherlands. Do you not see the desired date immediately? Then click with the arrows to the selected month.

Step 5.
Order the necessary flowers and greenery. You will only find a guaranteed offer and a guaranteed price on the wedding list.

Step 6.
Take product features into account.

Step 7.
Combining your wedding order with your regular order is also possible.

Step 8.
In the shopping cart, you can see the ordered products for the day of departure that belongs to the wedding assignment. You can also see the total costs of the products here. This gives you a quick overview, and you can offer your customer a guaranteed price. No risk, no worries.

Step 9.
Do you want the customer to make a deposit? That is entirely up to you. Van der Plas only invoices on the day of departure from the Netherlands.

delivery to your doorstep


Step 10.
You can change and cancel the order up to 14 days before the day of departure. So you have no risk here either!

Step 11.
Your order will be delivered to your store.

Step 12.
Get creative with the most beautiful products. And make your customers super happy.

Step 13.
Want to get famous? Share your photos of your creations via Insta or Facebook and tag Van der Plas. You can share your creativity and inspire thousands of florists in Europe.

Is everything clear? Shop your wedding or event flowers via the button!

Wedding order list

This is what our customers say

Sylke – Sonnenblume Ik ben al 4 jaar klant bij Van der Plas, ik run 2 bloemenwinkels en voor mij is het een enorme tijdswinst. Ik ben een zeer tevreden klant, de selectie is onvergelijkbaar uniek, de kwaliteit en service is 1e klas. U kunt het een 5-sterren beoordeling geven, het bedrijf is voortdurend in ontwikkeling en ik zou deze selectie van planten niet willen missen.

Ordering with us is quite simple, but if you have questions, we are happy to answer them.

Do you have a question? You may have been helped with our FAQ. You can find the questions we often get here. Our answer is in italics.

Is your question not listed? Give us a call! We always have a customer advisor on site who speaks your language and knows our offer.

Wedding order list
Can I be sure that I will receive the types and products I order?2022-06-03T09:58:49+02:00

Yes, 100% sure. There are only products on the order list with a delivery guarantee. That way, you always get what you order.

Can I also order accessories and supplies on the wedding order list?2022-06-03T09:55:53+02:00

No. The wedding order list is for live material. Van der Plas is dependent on supplies from suppliers. We advise you to order the collections on the webshop as soon as you are sure that you can carry out the wedding assignment. This way, you avoid worrying about the availability of the supplies.

Do I have to make a down payment?2022-06-03T09:54:50+02:00

No. You can request a deposit from your customer. That’s your choice. Van der Plas only invoices on the day of departure. Orders can be changed up to 14 days before release.

Can I only use this list for weddings?2022-06-03T09:53:34+02:00

Oh, no! With this list, we want to offer you certainty. If you have other events to plan, you can also use this list. Enter your order nice and early, then that is one less thing to worry about. This way, you know that you can count on Van der Plas for top quality flowers at guaranteed prices.

Can I change a previous order?2022-06-03T09:52:12+02:00

Yes, you can, up to 14 days before departure. You then go to your shopping cart on shop.vdplas.com and adjust your order there. Products that you set to 0 will be removed from your shopping cart.

Can I divide my order into two deliveries?2022-06-03T09:50:47+02:00

Yes, that’s possible. Go to the wedding order list. You first choose the one day of departure, for example, for greenery, and complete the order. Then you select the day of departure for the flowers, and you complete your order. You will find both orders in your shopping cart, with different departure days.

Is the price of the product a fixed price, or can it still change?2022-06-03T09:49:27+02:00

The price is guaranteed. If you have chosen a departure day, you will see the cost of the product that corresponds to that departure day. Guaranteed. This way, you know where you stand, and the bridal couple has certainty about the price as well.

How far in advance can I place my order through the wedding order list?2022-06-03T09:43:47+02:00

The wedding order list can be used for weddings between June and October. As soon as you choose the wedding order list, you can select a departure day in this period.

Are all the products on the wedding list wedding quality?2022-06-03T09:41:04+02:00

Yes. Only the best quality products from the best breeders are selected for the wedding list. So you don’t have to worry about the quality of the products. And you can order carefree.

Other products are on the order list if I choose a departure day in another month?2022-06-03T09:48:29+02:00

Yes, that’s right. The cornerstone of the wedding order list is price, quality and delivery guarantee. Our buyers only select products that Van der Plas can undoubtedly supply. That way, you will never be faced with surprises.

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