Nothing is more tempting than flowers that have been grown sustainably! At Van der Plas we do everything we can to make our florists happy, and we are just as busy with satisfying the need for sustainably grown flowers. Besides, we make green, uh good use of water, wind and of course the sun!

Say the Netherlands and you say water! With its beautiful canals and rivers, and of course all the reclaimed land where we once defeated the sea … Plenty of water, which must be handled with care. With the annual World Water Day coming up on the 22nd of march, we reflect on the fact that not everywhere in the world can water be taken for granted. At Van der Plas we want to use water sustainably and that is why our growers reuse the water in the greenhouses.

foglie di piante con acqua


Water supply is indispensable for good cultivation. Our growers are part of a project that ultimately leads to an integrated and sustainable (irrigation)water supply: obtaining good water for irrigation and reducing the use of disinfectants. Because what matters is: what is good for the soil is good for us! Do you go for water all the way? Then choose our aquatic plants, where the root is in water instead of soil. And let these aquatic plants conveniently be the product of the week!


Nothing is better than feeling the wind blowing in your hair. But did you also know that wind can be used to produce clean energy and that it is a resource that never runs out? Therefore, Van der Plas has been running one hundred percent on wind energy since the beginning of 2020! The CO2 emissions of this green electricity are 50 times lower than those of «grey» electricity. Power without air pollution, without climate impact and without depleting raw materials – who wouldn’t get happy because of that?

As Van der Plas, we are therefore very proud that we can be your sustainable partner.

Sonnengelbe Gebera


A sunny day immediately makes the day feel a lot more cheerful. Our gerbera grower Holstein Flowers cannot believe his luck when the sun is out and shining brightly. They process all gerberas much as possible with sustainable energy with the help of about 1800 solar panels. Did you know that on a sunny day these panels produce 3200 kilowatts? That is enough to drive 16,000 km with a Tesla. If you don’t bring the sunshine into your home with these vibrant yellow gerberas …

Also a fan?

Are you as much a fan as we are of sustainably grown flowers? View our range of sustainable flowers in our web shop today. Together we can shape a better, flowery, and more sustainable world of tomorrow!

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