Autumn is slowly making its appearance. We recognise this season by the beautiful purple heather, the leaves falling from the trees and, of course, by the wonderful colours. Autumn is also called ‘the forgotten garden season’. But it is the perfect time for your customers to put new plants in the ground, and brighten up the garden in doing so.

Of course, your shop cannot be forgotten this autumn. Is it ready for the coming season? To help you on your way, our plant buyer Brian Vis has selected his favourite plant for the autumn: the Calluna. ”The ideal plant to transform your flower shop into autumn atmosphere”, says Brian.


There is plenty of choice in the colourful autumn plant assortment. But which plant suits your flower shop best? And according to this season’s trend, it is all about one thing: natural shades interspersed with green. This trend is called the ‘balanced biotope’. This trend is all about sustainability, green and biodiversity. Consumers are looking for a better, greener world. That’s why even during this season, you can’t forget about the natural shades.

Autumn collection
calluna chez le grossiste Van der plas

Colourful Calluna

It is breathtakingly beautiful to see the different colours of heather in autumn. That is why our buyer has selected this colourful Calluna to add colour to your shop. In nature, the mostly purple and pink flowers create beautifully coloured heather fields; in the garden, the Calluna has the same effect. The Calluna is available in many different colours. If you present these heather colours together, it will give a colour boost.

Available now

Who wouldn’t want this colourful Calluna in their flower shop? They are perfect for brightening up your customers’ gardens. And even your shop gets a real autumn atmosphere with the colourful Calluna. This week, the Callunas get a little extra attention. The special offer is now available in our web shop.

Calluna pink

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