Right away a comment: giving someone lilies is always possible. Full stop. Would you like to advise your clients on when lilies are particularly appropriate? Then read on.

Lilies are world famous! From Korea to Europe, from America to Siberia. There are Asian lilies, Oriental lilies and longiflorums. Naturally, everyone knows the lily as a desirable wedding flower. However, in this blog, you will read about the social value of lilies. When to give someone lilies? When is it more appropriate to give lilies? And what do you say to the recipient when you give lilies? Do you want to be able to advise your customers well? Read this blog.

Give lilies out of love

The strongest emotion. The emotion that makes us human. Love for your family, love for your children, love for your partner. To love someone, but also: to feel loved. Nothing is as painful as feeling love for someone who does not love you. Is this why lilies are so popular on Mother’s Day? The giving of love? Or also, love me? Which colour lily mother likes to receive is personal taste. The Frontera by Dutch Lily Masters is very popular. But also the Praiano and the Brindisi are very popular on Mother’s Day. Read on for more fitting lily moments.

Roze lelie

Lilies you give out of hope

The Greeks knew and the Romans knew for sure. Having a crown of the most beautiful lilies ensured a pure, fertile and healthy life. When do you give lilies? To say: I hope for your prosperity. May your life be free of sickness and misery. And that you may live in an environment that sees you, protects you and is there for you. Without frills. You wish the recipient a truly pure life. You will find purity in its purest form in the colour white. You wish someone purity? Choose the Santander or the ultra pure Eyeliner. Do you want only the best? Go for the top quality of Dutch Lily Masters. After this, lilies for comfort and sadness. And further, beware: lilies and cats a dangerous combination?

You give lilies for comfort

Lilies are strong, have long blooms and are very elegant. The serene radiance and purity of the lily allow you to express emotions in times of mourning and loss. You can count on the strength and willpower of the lily. Even weeks after the gift. In a way, you are saying: I am here for you, I am beside you. Now, but also in the difficult time that lies ahead of you. Lilies that you give in times of mourning can be any colour. The personality of the person you are mourning is leading. An extravagant character? Exuberant colours! A silent force? Then choose soft tones or purity.

Answer the question: when to give lilies? You can always give lilies! The unprecedented vase life of two weeks, the unsurpassed elegance and the wonderful fragrance… lilies are always a good choice! Giving flowers with a message? Then consider the advice above.

Witte lelie

Finally, a message for households with a Tom, a Simba or a Tiger. Online, you can find information on the toxicity of lilies to cats. Cats may spit when they lick up pollen from their fur. However, a lily is only dangerous for a cat if they ingest more than 200 grams of lily plant material. That is an entire stem including leaves and flowers. Whereas cats are carnivores! Do you prefer absolute certainty? Then choose unscented lilies. According to ‘the internet’, cats are attracted to the scent of lilies. Unscented lilies are: Eyeliner, Nashville, Valencia, Sunderland, Spotify White, Spotify Pink, Brindisi and Ducati. All grown with care by Dutch Lily Master, la fine fleur.

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