Waxroses bring a cosy feeling to your home. It’s getting dark early this time of the year. We light a candle and prefer to settle under a blanket on the couch with a cup of tea. In the florist shop we work more with waxed products and let the cosiness come back in our floral creations. Waxroses from Berg RoseS are therefore extremely suitable for this purpose.

Fourth generation Rose Growers

The breeder’s blood flows through the veins of the Van den Berg family. The first generation started growing in 1900 and now, more than a hundred years later, the fourth generation of the family works in the company. Generation after generation, knowledge and experience has been passed on to grow stunning roses of the highest quality.


Quality certainly applies to the waxroses too. Only the very best products are used for the waxing process, namely Avalanche+® roses. As a stunning and exclusive type of rose, there are only eight growers in the Netherlands who have a license to grow this variety. So what makes the Avalanche+® so special? The bud always blooms fully open, the rose has few thorns and stays beautiful for up to 14 days. The Avalanche+® license has to be renewed every year. Berg RoseS is honoured to be part of a select group of growers producing this special variety.

Rose blanche Avalanche de Berg Roses
Berg RoseS avalanche

The best treatment

Berg RoseS are proud of the way they grow their rose assortment. A total of 12 varieties of roses grow on an area of 16.5 hectares of greenhouse. The plants of the roses last a long time, averaging eight to ten years. After the flowers have been cut, they go into the cold store for a day at a temperature of about three degrees Celsius. Like a cold shower after a visit to the sauna, it strengthens the roses, so they can eventually stand longer in a vase. After the cold store, the flowers are sorted, through an automated process, according to bud size, stem length and quality.


By waxing you can enjoy the most beautiful roses even longer. Wax roses speak to the imagination and are certainly suitable for use in a bouquet. Berg RoseS has an impressive choice of 25 different colours. The burgundy, gold and copper coloured and of course, white waxroses are a perfect match for the upcoming winter and Christmas period. This week the Berg RoseS waxroses are in the spotlight.

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