Can you feel the change in seasons? The days are getting shorter and the need to crawl under a blanket with a good book has never been stronger. Homes are filled with candles and warm decorations. That’s all fun and games, but there’s work to be done. Your customers are in need of some gorgeous, warm and loving autumn flowers to look at. Roll up your sleeves and let the magic begin.

But what autumn flowers are you using? Are your arrangements still lining up to the latest trends? Do not worry, your arrangements are probably gorgeous as always. However if you happen to be in dire need of a list of the most popular autumn flowers in our webshop? You’ve come to the right place. Here’s our top 5 of our most popular autumn flowers.



This flower probably won’t surprise you in any way. The Chrysanthemum brings warmth and colour to any bouquet, and has an extremely long vase life of up to three weeks. The possibilities with Chrysanthemums are overwhelming. This flowers comes in all the colours that Autumn has to offer. Golden, bronze, purple and orange are the perfect pick this season. Chrysanthemum comes in different varieties. Spray, Santini or Disbudded to name a few. Each Chrysanthemum will bring its own flavour to any flower arrangement.


The carnation has always been a reliable partner for any bouquet. However, it’s rarely seen centre stage. This season’s different. The carnation is finally getting the attention it deserves this Autumn. The double flowered variety comes is a ridiculous amount of colours that will compliment any autumn arrangement. Deep purple, dark red, soft orange, vibrant green are just some of this flower’s amazing colour range. Did you know there’s also a painted range of carnations? Paint is added to the water and create a unique range of colour varieties.

Hydrangea (Classic)

The Hydrangea needs no introduction, as it’s one of the most popular flowers among florists and influencers. The hydrangea with its sparkling clouds brings lovely colours into any home. But we’re not talking about the regular Hydrangea variety for this season. We’re talking about the Classic variety. These are coloured through to create a beautiful hydrangea in the colours of the season. Burgundy or green/purple for instance. Did you know that this variety is also excellent for drying?


If there was a fashion week for flowers, the Cymbidium Orchid would have stolen the show. The Cymbidium’s long stem and elegant flowers make it a vision in all colours of the fall. Are you looking for a sustainable flower that has a tremendous vase life of over 4 weeks? The Cymbidium Orchids is your to-go-to flower this season. This flower is beautiful on its own, as it is in any arrangement. Available in brown, gold, yellow, pink, white and green. All colours that will compliment this fall.


The Physalis is also known as the Chinese Lantern, as it looks exactly like a little lantern. These fun little clouds of orange are about 5cm big and a fun addition this fall. Such fun! It’s golden and warm orange colour is a welcome guest in any autumn arrangement. The little lanterns are also perfect for a table decoration as they are excellent for drying.

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