A cut flower that perfectly fits this time of year is the amaryllis. Instantly recognisable, their large hollow stems support a flower that usually has six brightly coloured petals. You often see them in various colours such as red, white, pink and orange. Amaryllises are a favourite in Christmas bouquets since they are mainly available in the winter months. However as a popular flower, they are simply impressive on their own.


Amaryllis originates from South and Central America including the Caribbean. It is actually called Hippeastrum and belongs to the daffodil family. The name Hippeastrum literally means ‘knight’s star’ in Greek, because of the star-shaped leaves. In the United States amaryllis is better known as ‘Naked Lady’ due to the flower having no leaves. The amaryllis as we know it is available from October to March. They radiate beauty and pride, providing a sense of friendship, warmth and affection. As a result, they are a perfect gift for a good friend.

Care tips

What is the best way to take care of the amaryllis? Here are six tips to keep the amaryllis as beautiful as possible, so you and your customer can enjoy them longer:

  • Choose a sturdy vase with a narrow neck. This will keep the flowers close together.
  • Cut the flowers at an angle. Do this again after a few days to improve vase life.
  • If necessary, stick a piece of adhesive tape to the lower edge of the stem. This will prevent the stem from tearing and rolling outwards.
  • Do not use too much water in the vase. It is better to add fresh water regularly.
  • Amaryllis do not need cut flower food, however there is no harm in adding cut flower food to a bouquet of Amaryllis.
  • The cut flowers grow towards the light. Turn the vase regularly to ensure that the flowers grow straight.

Simply beautiful

Amaranthos Flowers has over thirty years of experience in growing amaryllises. Together they have more than six hectares of space, divided over two locations. One in Bleiswijk and the other in the Westland. Here, fifty different varieties of amaryllises are grown with great care and passion, their motto? ‘Simply Beautiful’. Amaranthos Flowers is working towards a more sustainable future. Both locations are MPS A and GLOBAL G.A.P. certified. These are two initiatives currently making the floriculture sector more sustainable. In addition, Amaranthos, for example, works with residual heat and a heat pump to minimise its impact on the environment.

Now available

Who doesn’t want these beautiful winter cut flowers in their flower shop? They are perfect for the coming Christmas period, in a bouquet or just loose. This week Amaranthos Flowers amaryllises get a little extra attention. Now available in our webshop.

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