For most florists the asparagus fern is well-known greenery. Especially during the Christmas period this fern is a popular kind. Because of the shape of its leaves, which look like tiny ice crystals, they are often used in Christmas bouquets. Originally the asparagus fern has a beautiful vintage green color, but it is also available in many different Christmas colors such as gold, silver, copper and red. 


In the Netherlands the asparagus fern is also known as ‘decorative asparagus’. It originates from South- and Central Africa as well as Asia. You would probably never guess, but asparagus fern belongs to the lily-family and not the family of ferns as the name or its appearance might suggest.


However, even though the asparagus fern does not originally come from the Netherlands, it grows extremely well in the Dutch greenhouses. This is, of course, better for the environment as the greenery does not have to be flown in from South America, but it is also sustainably produced as a lot of Dutch greenery growers use sustainable cultivation methods. They make use of geothermal heat for example and most greenhouses are MPS A and GLOBAL G.A.P. certified.

Care tips 

Curious about the best ways to take care of asparagus? Here are 4 tips to keep the asparagus fern as beautiful as possible:

  • Cool storage: Despite the fact that the asparagus fern is a tropical plant, the quality of the asparagus remains highest at relatively low temperatures. The asparagus itself remains best if it is transported between 5 and 10 degrees Celsius.
  • Always keep in water: Always keep the asparagus in the water to keep the plant from losing its feathers.
  • Avoid draughty places: Make sure that the asparagus does not stand in a place where it’s draughty. This could also cause it to loose its feathers.
  • Removing thorns: The branches of the asparagus have thorns, which can sting annoyingly. Remove the sharp tips from the thorns by moving a small knife from top to bottom along the branch.

In the spotlights now!  

Do you have the asparagus fern in your flower shop yet? They are available in all kinds of Christmas colors: gold, silver, bronze, red and white, everything is possible. This week they are in the spotlights at Van der Plas.

Follow the link to find them in our webshop.

Our floral designer Danielle made a beautiful winter creation using just 3 ingredients and a lush golden vase.

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