Despite the many challenges that flowers and plants face while growing and blooming, they invariably continue to shine. They have great resilience and, whatever happens, they turn towards the sun. Let us therefore take an example from flowers and plants! Keep on shining, even if the corona crisis hits your flower shop. And what better way to bring positive energy into your customers’ homes than through flowers and plants?

This week, the big campaign ‘Keep on shining’ starts in 7 European countries. We would like to we would like to contribute to this campaign and stimulate the sale of flowers and plants. In a turbulent period such as this Corona time, the floriculture sector is standing side by side. Will you shine with us?

Therefore we are putting allium and viburnum in the spotlight this week. Two flowers that are eminently suitable to make a bouquet shine.

Allium: Stylish ornamental onion

Let the decorative onion surprise you! Long thick stems with flowers at the top which you can enjoy for a long time. Did you know that you can even dry the allium? Who would not be charmed by this flowering bulb full of tiny flowers? There are more than 300 different varieties of the ornamental onion and it is available in all sorts of colours, from purple to white and blue. A real eye-catcher in your bouquet, but also on its own in a vase, the allium does well! The largest species can even reach 1.5 metres in height. What are you waiting for? Let this stylish decorative onion shine everywhere!

Viburnum: sparkling jumping flower

This sparkling flower is available all year round and instantly brightens up any bouquet! There are more than 230 varieties of this shrub and it has lovely little soft pink or white flowers which smell deliciously. The leaves are a soft green, making the Viburnum a popular choice for a soothing bouquet. And did you know that the plant produces berries which birds love? With the viburnum you radiate pride and joy. So buy this flower quickly and success is guaranteed!

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