Dreamy dahlias as wedding flowers. Time seems to stand still for a moment. You are closer to nature. You are also closer to yourself. Feel confident to use dahlias for weddings. A dahlia wedding, go for it. 

Does your client like the more classic kind? Then the Burgundy Fall theme is the perfect dahlia wedding. Are the bride and groom looking for a relaxed, open atmosphere? Then take a look at the photos below of dahlias that were guests at a Dutch wedding. Isn’t it pretty?

Do you also want the bride to shine on the most beautiful day of her life? With Van der Plas you go for certainty. You will find wedding flowers of the best quality here.

Merlot, dahlias and Burgundy Fall

Grower Van Egmond knows which flower to use for weddings: the dahlia. The must have for a summer wedding. The dahlia works superbly on its own in a bouquet, but can also be combined fantastically with other flowers such as the Astilbe or Achillea. A colourful mix of various types of dahlias also works well at a wedding. Gebr. van Egmond is the right choice for all variates, types and colours. From white soft yellow and salmon pink to bright orange, purple, red, bright pink and bordeaux. Speckled, striped or plain. Everything is possible. That is why they are our wedding flowers partner for dahlias. What do you think of the Burgundy Fall theme on the right? Do your customers want a more relaxed atmosphere? Then take a look at Dunes and Field below. Summer at its best as far as we are concerned.

Dahlia’s: Dunes and Fields

Dahlias are beautiful at a wedding. Dahlias create a relaxed, airy and natural atmosphere. Take a look at the photo on the right and the photos below. In combination with dried flowers, it feels as if you are standing on your bare feet in a summer field. For this wedding, Black Fox dahlias were combined with large flowered roses. A Toffee or Sand Dune gives it flair. This makes it an exciting combination. You also see the dahlia Maarten Zwaan. Combined with vibrant greenery, it gives a natural effect.

Dahlias at a wedding: strong and reliable

Dahlias are not only beautiful at weddings. You can also really count on dahlias not to let your customers down. From the very first moment, they will bring you in cheerful spirits. They can withstand rough conditions. After all, dahlias grow and flower outdoors in the Netherlands. And we know: in the Netherlands you can have four seasons in one day. Pascal of The House of Artz explains:

Dahlias are the most reliable flowers to use with the circumstances of a wedding. This flower can take a lot in terms of weather and that is why I use it quite often in the season when it is available!

For a wedding assignment, you only go for the best. You go for certainty and quality. Then you choose Van der Plas, Europe’s #1 platform for florists. Also for weddings and events. You can count on us. Summer or not. Wedding flowers can be found in the webshop.

At Van der Plas, you get: fixed prices, delivery guarantee and quality assurance. You can order your flowers months in advance. And that feels good. Your customers know exactly where they stand. And so do you. So you can do what you do best. Make beautiful creations and let the bride and groom shine. Carefree and easy. Do you have any questions? We are here for you personally, your contact person will be happy to help you.

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