The route Ranunculus takes to get to your shop

Hurrying is rarely good, unless it concerns order processing at Van der Plas! Your Ranunculus order is transported from the field to your flower shop at breakneck speed, reliably delivered and assured of optimum freshness. Can you already see it sparkling in a bouquet or vase? As the #1 platform for florists, we have developed a fast and reliable distribution system to provide you with the best possible service. What are you waiting for?

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Since the arrival of the revolutionary Cube at Van der Plas, the distribution of cut flower orders has become much more efficient! The Cube is a steel construction with twelve kilometres of conveyor belt where all orders are picked and distributed. This allows us to offer a huge assortment and still guarantee fast and complete processing. Throughout this ground-breaking development, your order is central.

Revolutionary ‘Cube’ is a win-win for all

Sander van der Gugten, process engineer at Van der Plas, talks about the sensational development of the Cube: “With the Cube, we distribute cut flowers at customer level. As a result, orders are completed earlier and the flowers hit the road sooner. In addition, the Cube significantly reduces the margin of error. As a partner to florists, we are of course aware of this importance. In other words, the Cube is a win-win situation for us and for the customer.”

Hyacint inspiratie
Hyacint inspiratie

From sketch to reality

It is no surprise that it was Sander van der Gugten who came up with the Cube. “When I was twelve, I started working in production at Van der Plas and picking orders. After completing my master’s in Supply Chain, I set to work to make the process as efficient as possible. My experience on the shop floor came in handy. I know better than anyone how important it is to complete an order and how fragile fresh flowers are!

A year and a half was spent working on the project. At the beginning of June 2019, the first sketches were put on paper and in March 2020, the time had finally come and building began. Sander: “An amazing moment! So cool that my idea was now actually being realised. After the building process was completed, we took ample time to improve the process. Since then, the Cube has been running at full capacity for several months.”

Vibrant Ranunculus

One of the flowers that moves luxuriantly through the Cube is the Ranunculus. Just as spring feels like a new beginning after a harsh winter, the Cube, with its brand new way of dividing up, also feels like a new beginning. To celebrate this double start, this week we are putting a true spring product in the spotlight: Ranunculus! Keep an eye on our webshop for the sharpest sales.

In the spotlight

That is why we promote the grandiose Ranunculus with love and passion. This week, our Ranunculus is on sale in a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes! Keep an eye on our webshop for the best sales. So, away with the winter items and long live spring in your shop! Let’s quickly bring out the flowers, uh, Ranunculus!

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