The choice in the assortment of cut foliage is vast. The use of greenery is much more widespread than before. The most beautiful autumn bouquets are decorated with all kinds of grasses, leaves and cut greens. Read on to find out which kinds of cut greens may certainly not be missing from your bouquet!

Week of green

Autumn is in full swing! The colours outside are burgundy, dark orange and yellow ochre. It is time to make your customers extra happy again. This can be done with an autumnal bouquet or a beautiful wreath.

Cut foliage is available in all sizes, types and shapes. The complementary colours of dark red and orange that accompany the leaves allow autumn to shine through in your bouquet. The choice of cut foliage is huge. But don’t panic! This week, we have selected five varieties of cut foliage that should not be missing from your bouquets.

Salal tips

Salal is a shrub that grows in western North America. It is the most commonly used cut foliage by florists. Salal, or more popularly Apple Leaf, can be recognised by its apple-shaped green leaves with serrated edges. Its branches are very popular in flower arranging. And with good reason! The beautiful, matt and dark green colour and the firmness of the woody stem make this green so popular.


What could be more autumnal in your bouquet than oakleaf? This beautiful leaf comes in the magical autumn colours of orange, red and yellow. Let the summer in which we use lots of colours turn into autumn with a beautiful bouquet. Combine the leaves with colourful dahlias for example. Oakleaf is only available in autumn.


Eucalyptus is native to Australia, where over 600 different species grow. Eucalyptus is very popular. Not merely because of its fantastic grey-blue colour, but also because it smells deliciously of menthol. Some branches are already beautiful and have a dormant period of no less than 10 days. Don’t throw them away after this! Eucalyptus is easy to dry. You can also combine a few branches with copper wire to make beautiful wreaths. There are countless other uses for it. Think of toppings, a sturdy jug or let it shine in an autumn bouquet.

Leatherleaf Fern

Leatherleaf Fern grows in Costa Rica and Guatemala. It is a fern with leathery, glossy leaves. This plant is often used as the outer edge of bouquets. The reason for this? The long shelf life and strength of it. It is often used in combination with roses. But when you are looking for something refreshing, you can also combine it with Calla.

Bear grass

Bear grass grows in the open forests and meadows of the western United States. It is a grass-like plant that actually belongs to the lily family. It can reach a height of 150 cm. The grassy leaves are cut off and thus transported as cut foliage. Its leaves are olive-coloured and look like a fan. The flexibility of the grass makes bear grass very suitable for wickerwork. But it also has a playful look when used on the outside of a bouquet.

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