‘The need for large flower arrangements and special bouquets is increasing’

The beauty of our VIP Roses is widely known. One of the places where the flowers end up is at florist Anna Kochanow. Last year, in the picturesque town of Marburg, just an hour and a half drive north of Frankfurt, she opened a 300 square meter concept store with her husband Lucas. ‘The lockdown stimulated many young and creative Germans to start up new labels within floristry.’

Anna studied art history and started with floristry after her studies ended. Lucas is a graphic designer, and together in 2017 they combined their creativity and Kochanow Boutanique was a fact. Anna: ‘First we started a small flower shop right opposite our current building. This location, with its nice boutiques and cozy cafes, is fantastic. Lucas and I enjoy working with various color palettes and we enjoy discovering new concepts. This large premise was a logic next step.’

A special connection

It’s therefore not strange that two years ago the new series with VIP-Roses with the big colorful flowers also made their way to Kochanow Boutanique. ‘Our clientele is diverse and they like our color concepts, but also the wild bouquets. Because we work so differently and diverse with flowers – everything from traditional bouquets to true pieces of art – we have a special connection with the color, shape, and texture of flowers.’ Anna says.

Extravagance, warmth, and lushness

If that’s what you’re looking for you’ve come to the right address with VIP-Roses. From VIP tulips, VIP Anthurium, VIP Peonies to Antonov and Hydrangea – all our flowers radiate extravagance, warmth, and lushness. Anna likes to work with two components. ‘I like it when flowers kind of flow over into one another, like the soft hues of the VIP-flowers: tulips, carnations, anemones, and irises… At the same time, I like to work with defined contrasts, and my favorite color among flowers is blue. Because of Corona, we have been abandoning many of the things that make us happy for a long time, which increases the desire for great and special concepts. People spend so much time at home, the desire for large flower arrangements and special bouquets will continue to increase for a while.’

Sophisticated and precise color concepts

Despite Corona, Anna sees that many young florists in Germany still have the courage to open studios of their own. Traditional companies are also breaking new ground and looking to social media, both for inspiration and sharing their work. According to Anna, it is good to have an open mind and to get inspiration both offline and online. What trends can we expect this year? ‘While dried flowers were dominant last year, this year I expect color concepts to be more precise and sophisticated, and we will see many wedding bouquets and arrangements with David-Austin rose varieties or the special colors of VIP-Roses.”

Painting with flowers

We asked Anna to make two creations with our VIP-roses, and the result is astonishing! How does she describe her style? ‘I let myself get inspired by the colors and shapes of the flowers itselves, and I don’t think so much about what the rules are. Just as an artist paints with paint, I paint with flowers!

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