Who is better to inspire a florist than another florist? As Europe’s Number 1 platform for florists, we have the opportunity to supply many of the most successful florists in the sector. Every month we present one of them on our website. A diversity of European floristry art, with lots of fresh inspiration for your own flower shop!

This time we visited the French florist Marianne Guedin. We asked her about the latest trends on the French market. What makes Marianne so special is that she does not have her own flower shop but as she puts it herself: “Works where her customers are”. We have provided her with the newest varieties from the nursery Summit, with which she has made some truly fantastic creations.

Florist of the month Marianne Guedin

Born florist

As a little girl Marianne grew up on the countryside. She collected flowers wherever she could find them, to make bouquets for her mother. She still gets her inspiration from nature, she says the following: “Because of the landscape where I grew up, I have developed a lot of love for nature, and I have the freedom to mix different flowers as I see them in the fields”. The art academy she studied at also brought her a lot of knowledge about combining colors and volumes.


Marianne indicates that style depends more on the artist than on the country. She does tell us that in France there is a lot of work with greens and grasses. But also pastel shades can no longer be left out from her range. Marianne indicates that her emphasis this year is mainly on sustainability. She says the following about this: “I like to work together with companies that, like me, also want to contribute to a better world.” Sustainability is also reflected in her creations where she uses natural influences.

Florist des Monats Marianne Guedin

Working with colourful gerberas

Marianne tells us about working with Summit’s new varieties: “In the new range there are many pastel colors to be found. It’s really my favorite colors to work with especially when it’s accented with an almost fluorescent colored flower. The best thing about working with gerberas and germini’s is the natural beauty that they show, and all the beautiful colors. To make the creations pictured, I worked with the new types of Cartizze, the Hippie Chic and the dazzling May Ball gerberas.

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