Clouds of colour make your flower shop shine like no other. As a florist, you want the best of the best and you go for nothing less than top-quality flowers and plants. Whether it is a tropical sunflower or a purple hydrangea, you want the most beautiful flowers for your customers.

Straight from the greenhouses

Imagine rows and rows of greenery with clouds of colour in an ocean of light. Can you see it? Well that is exactly what you see in the greenhouses of our growers. Virgin white Avalanche roses, tropical surprises such as Cymbidium or colourful Lisianthus. Our growers deliver the most beautiful flowers.

Order list makes everything possible!

Do you order with our order list? Then your flowers will reach us on the day of departure. The order list consists of a pre-selection of the most beautiful flowers, straight from the greenhouses of the best growers. This means you will enjoy the freshest flowers with a long vase life. We always keep the order list up to date, so you are guaranteed the best flowers.

The latest trends in flower

Fashion. We cannot ignore it. That dress you bought, those new shoes, it is all in fashion. It is exactly the same with flowers. Our buyers are always looking for the latest trends. They look for the best growers with the most beautiful flowers and make targeted purchases. This way, you will always be the first to see the latest novelties in our webshop.

In need of inspiration?

Maybe you are in need of a new impulse. Is that field bouquet still relevant these days and could you use some inspiration? Every month, we put together the hippest bouquets according to the latest trends. So feel free to take a look in our webshop. Don’t want to miss anything? Then subscribe to our newsletter, and you won’t miss a thing. We don’t spam!

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