The time when a florist only selled a bunch of flowers is over. Nowadays, you have become a real home lifestyle shop. So your customers expect you to sell not only flowers and plants but also decorations, many decorations. Fortunately, nothing goes so well together as decorations with flowers & plants.

The warm feeling of home

The complete picture, that’s what you want to give to your customers. By using decoration in combination with flowers and plants, you not only create a beautiful shop, you also create a place where you immediately feel at home. That’s what appeals to your customers, and that’s what you want to emit to your visitors. You can do that in any trend you like!

The best suppliers

In the online shop, you will find several suppliers of decoration. From glass specialists to suppliers of exclusive natural decorations, you will find everything for your flowershop. With trend watchers from all over the world, we are always up to date with the latest trends in the field of home decoration. Then you’re sure to be in the right place with your flowershop (you could almost say home & living shop).

Changing with the seasons

Decoration, like flowers and plants, is bound to the seasons. You don’t sell Christmas ornaments in summer and no seashells in winter. Pots and vases are more trend bound. Buy your decorations well in advance, or even last minute. In our online shop, you will find all the decorations you need.

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