We change with the seasons. While peonies flourish in spring, now is the time of summer flowers. Colorful bedding plants are replaced by large hydrangeas and fragrant lavender.

The hustle and bustle are over and we can relax a bit more. Grab a cup of coffee, and get inspired by flower shops from all over the world.

Decisions, decisions

Summer is a difficult time for any florist. The sun shines, temperatures skyrocket and your customers would rather sit on the beach or the terrace than visit you for a bunch of flowers. What’s the best way to set up your florist’s shop to tempt your customers to come in?

Color your business

Why don’t you change colors? A fresh coat of paint and your florist’s shop is like new. Use light colors–lots of them! Your beautiful hydrangeas or sunflowers will be all the more striking. For example, try a zinc-colored bucket instead of a black one. This will give your shop a much more compelling atmosphere.

Dried flowers

Your florist’s shop is no longer complete without the necessary supplies of dried flowers. Make beautiful creations to show your shop’s playful side. Hang dried flowers on the ceiling above your counter for extra flair. Want to show off even more flowers? Combine dried flowers with decorations or even furniture. Check out your local thrift store to see if you can buy an old antique cabinet. Style it with dried flowers and the cabinet will sell itself (not to mention the flowers!).

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