They come in many different shapes and sizes, and in an endless variety of colours: the Anthurium. Claudia Bronch of Royal FloraHolland came by to tell us everything about the radiant cut flower, on the occasion of the Anthurium Inspiration Weeks. This is how we at Van der Plas always stay up to date with the newest trends, and so can you! Read on and find out why your shop can’t miss out on this exotic eye-catcher.

Exotic beauty

You recognise it right away, with its large green leaves, colourful bracts and spadix: the Anthurium. Its exotic appearance gives it away, the Anthurium originated in the rain forests of Colombia. The Austrian doctor and botanist Dr Karl van Scherzer had the honour of discovering the Anthurium. And took it with him to Europe, where it was cultivated. Since the 1960s, the Anthurium, which doesn’t needs much in order to shine, has been a highly appreciated cut flower.

Different types and sizes

Exotic Anthuriums are available in all sorts of sizes and designs. Anthuriums can be harvested at three times during their growth. As a closed or open flower or as a coloured flower, also called the classic Anthurium. The flower shapes vary too, from heart shaped to tulip shaped and even ribbon shaped. And that is not all, because they also come in a variety of colours. From purple to poisonous green and from pastel shades to bright colours. Whichever ones you want, we have them!

Your shop can’t miss out on this eye catcher

Do you wish to add some colour to your customers homes? In that case the Anthuriums can’t be missing in your flower shop, we give you a few reasons below:

  • The Anthurium is always the right choice to brighten up your autumn bouquet. With the huge variety of popping colours, this flower is the centre of any bouquet.
  • The Anthurium is also a real eye-catcher in a beautiful field bouquet. Because the flower is available in so many different sizes, there will always be an exotic Anthurium that fits your field bouquet.
  • The Anthurium in a vase will let you enjoy its colours for weeks to come. This cut flower will brighten up your shop for no less than three weeks. Reason enough to present it nicely. You could for example, put several vases on the table or in the window sill. Put one or two stems in each and you get a playful effect. And for an extra cheerful effect, mix dark and light colours.

But there are, of course, many more reasons why this exotic beauty should not be missed!

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