Opti-flor orchids bring atmosphere and colour into the homes of millions of Europeans. Their collection consists of 29 different showpieces. Each one is unique in its own way. Nevertheless, all of their orchids have one thing in common: without exception, they are cultivated with the greatest passion and devotion. Their motto is not surprisingly: ‘Creating orchids’. Opti-flor is our grower of the week.

Inspiration from nature

Opti-flor searches the globe for the best orchids and gets their inspiration from nature. They test hundreds of orchids each year and only the best selection is taken into production. They pamper their orchids longer than usual in their greenhouses. The result is a heavier plant, excellent quality and longer flowering period.

Snijanthurium van Anthogether
In de kas bij Anthogether

Select Collection

The Select Collection forms the heart of the Opti-flor assortment. This collection contains their very first successes. It is characterised by a great variety of colour, flower diameter and spike length. The common element of all members of the Select Collection is their exceptional combination of pure beauty and exclusive quality.

Sense Collection

If one word could symbolise their Sense Collection, it would be sensuous. Romantic, feminine colours are primary in this profusion of flowers. The pastel tints delight the eye and perfectly fit the modern trend for new, exciting pastels. Their compact form makes these varieties perfect for small interiors.

Anthurium Denali
In de kas bij Anthogether

Native Collection

Opti-flor’s Native Collection is a beautiful addition to the Urban Jungle trend. All varieties look like they come straight out of the wild. Without sticks or other tools, they get the space to grow in their own way. The varieties have a playful and graceful look and give a back-to-nature feeling.


  • Phalaenopsis does best at a temperature between 20°C and 24°C. Make sure that the temperature does not fall below 16°C.
  • Dip your orchid 5-10 minutes weekly in a bucket of water. After dipping please let your orchid leak out. It now can last without a new supply of water for at least 7 days.
Anthurium Denali

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