The leaves in the trees are turning golden brown as the they change with the colours of the season. Days are slowly turning dark and the air is thick with the scent of cinnamon and pumpkin spice. This can only mean one thing: it’s Autumn. As a florist you change with the seasons as well and your shop is in need of a transformation. Out with summer, in with Fall.

Ensnare the senses

Autumn is the season of change, and it’s time to change your flower shop. We all long for the warm days of summer to last a little longer, therefore we want to bring warmth into our homes. Lure your customers to your shop by making it warm and inviting. Pick out an autumn colour pallet, and transform your shop into an Autumn oasis. Cinnamon & Pumpkin fragrance sachets tingle the senses of your customers. Who wouldn’t want to come into your shop?

Fall in love with Fall

Maybe you needed some last minute inspiration? Or if you wanted to check if you covered everything for the season re-decoration of your shop. Anyway, here’s our fall-flowershop-checklist.

  • Did someone say Pumpkins? You simply cannot go without pumpkins in Autumn. Large or small ones. Green, white, orange or yellow, it doesn’t matter, any pumpkin will do.
  • Place pumpkins and straw at the entrance of your shop to create an inviting scene.
  • Straw, hay and everything you’ll find on a farm will be perfect for your decorating.
  • Why not decorate your window display with leaves, apples, cotton and physalis?
  • Hang lanterns in tree branches with little lights in them.
  • Create bouquets which are filled with all the colours of autumn.
  • Plants like Heather (Calluna) and colourful flowering Chrysanthemums are ideal for adding colour.
  • Cover your walls with autumn wreaths made of wheat and cotton.

Autumn trend this year

It probably won’t come as a shocker to anyone, but dried flowers are the trend this Autumn. Fill your flower shop with an enormous variety of dried flowers. Bunches of wheats, phalaris, triticum or lavender. Painted Pampas grasses, preserved roses or dried Cortederia. Ready-made dried flower bouquets are sure to find a home this season.

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