The last few years have seen a revolution in the world of plants. Houseplants were only seen in large offices, and flowering plants were mainly seen in grandma’s windowsill. Fortunately, that time is over. The growers and breeders have joined forces to put the plant back into the spotlight.

Flowershop in France

Industrial Plant Revolution

The rise of the industrial interior design revolution has given the houseplant an enormous boost. Green was suddenly allowed again. Just think of the Chinese money plant, straightforward, yet super decorative! Or the Cactus? They used to stand in a forgotten corner (fortunately this plant doesn’t need much water), and now you prick your fingers on it wherever you go.

Houseplants in a decorative setting

Trendwatchers keep an eye on everything!!!
Plants are therefore very trend-sensitive. As a florist, you naturally want to respond to this, so you keep a close eye on the Home magazines like a real trend watcher. Growers are also trend watchers at the same time, and they have often been at the front of the rest of the world for years. Why are they doing this? Every plant needs time to grow, that sounds logical, but such a process takes years. First, the plant is examined to see how it grows, diseases are taken out, and then it has to enter the market. That takes a while before the plant can be put into production.

For every interior or garden, there is a plant
Trends come and go, it’s like fashion, but the plant is here to stay. Time to fill your shop with a trendy assortment of plants. But which plants do you choose? Do you go on the safe side with white Phalaenopsis and pink Kalanchoe? Or do you choose the trends of the moment? Of course, it’s always good to have a basic assortment of plants in your store. They are often timeless, and with the right accessories, you can still make them trendy.


Cactus and Succulents in a flowershop

Respond to the latest trends

But why don’t you respond to the latest trends? Think of a beautiful pink Caladium or an Alocasia Zebrina. Perfect for the Bohemian trend you see so often nowadays. Put them in a simple terracotta pot, and you have a showcase. How about a peach Begonia? Ideal for any warm farmhouse interior, a beautiful brown pot does wonders.

Why don’t you combine plants? That’s the latest trend in gardening, and it’s called companion planting. Do you have a beautiful olive tree in a decorative pot? Why don’t you plant garden herbs or lovely lavender in the soil? Your customers don’t know what they see! This way, you inspire your customers and sell more!

Everything you need to turn your shop into an authentic plant palace can be found in our online shop. Take a look and buy the most beautiful plants, directly from the grower.

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