Rose buyer Arie Messemaker started out as a Flying Dutchman to Germany and lost his heart to the rose. Since then, he has been working in the purchasing department for 21 years, and “his” Red Naomi rose grew into the most important red rose grown in the Netherlands, in the top segment of red roses. Today van der Plas visits the Porta Nova nursery that grows these eye dazzling roses!

Although Arie does not come from a floriculture family, he nevertheless became attached to the industry. “During my period as a flying dutchman I learned a lot about floriculture. Later on I got a passion for roses. First, it was the small-flowered and the spray rose, now I mainly do large-flowered Dutch roses. “

Stimulating rose 

The Red Naomi rose is his favourite because of its great qualities, and Arie talks passionately about this unique specimen: “She is the rose with perfect red colour and a soft velvety shade; besides, the Red Naomi is the only large-flowered red rose that stimulates the senses. No other red rose on the market has more petals than the Red Naomi has!”

This rose, that was introduced to the flower market in 2006, does not only appeal to Arie’s imagination. The Red Naomi has grown to become the most important red rose grown in the Netherlands, in the top segment for red roses. “Red Naomi has it all: a long stem, a great bud size, few thorns and not insignificant: a particularly long vase life. For more than two weeks you can enjoy her full bud with large red, slightly fragrant petals,” says Arie.

Environmentally friendly cultivation 

Arie buys this rose with a luxurious appearance from the Porta Nova nursery. The highlight every year is around Valentine’s Day when the Red Naomi can’t be dragged on. Porta Nova has been specialized in growing the varieties Red and White Naomi since 2005. Arie: “The florist always comes first at Van der Plas, and that is why we strive to keep the quality high. Therefore, Porta Nova a perfect partner! “The nursery has only one goal: to grow roses of the highest quality that harms the environment as little as possible.

This results in the main use of rainwater, the purchase of CO2 from the ports of Rotterdam to grow the roses and a special ‘Greenroom’ where, among other things, no gas is used. Thus, premium quality combined with the smallest possible ecological footprint. Say for yourself, what smells more pleasant and looks better than a rose that has been sustainably grown?

Roses never get boring

Roses are available all year round, for Arie roses never get boring. “I am on the road a lot to discover new rose varieties and I work together with breeder Dummen Orange. Every week is different in this trade! Roses never get boring. “

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