No flower as pure as the lovely lily! With its slowly opening petals, it is of crucial importance at emotional events like a funeral. With All Saints’ Day on November 1, when beloved and deceased loved ones are remembered – the new scentless lily collection of our flourishing partner Dutch Lily Masters is indispensable!

For most European florists, the week before All Saints’ Day is one of the busiest! Customers are running out of flower shops to bring a moving flower (or flower arrangement) to the grave of their beloved deceased. The new scentless lily collection of Dutch Lily Masters is especially suitable to use in the All Saints flower creations! The lilies – today’s Dutch masterpieces – are of excellent quality. It is not for nothing that Dutch Lily Masters is a flourishing partner of Van der Plas since many years.

Dutch Lily Master X Van der Plas

Sheer innocence and pristine love

The lovely lily is not only seen at funerals, but also at weddings. The white lily in particular is the symbol of pure innocence and virginal love. This bulb to bud turns out to be a magnificent flower from which no one can take their eyes off. Did you know that there are about 100 different species and more than 2000 lily varieties? The new and unique lily collection of Dutch Lily Masters adds to that list. After all, refinement and innovation is what they stand for. The colourful creations are perfume-free and make this flower suitable for everyone – even the ‘fragrance-sensitive’!

From insanely white to orange! 

Will you choose the amazingly white Eyeliner or the yellow Nashville for some sunshine in your flower arrangement? The cheerful orange Valencia is also great! And what about the stylish Spotify White or Spotify Pink? And if you are looking for a little more spice, you cannot ignore the desirable red Ducati lily! Whichever colour, composition or appearance your customer chooses, these magnificent flowers are guaranteed to look great in the vase for two full weeks.

Special eye catchers

In short, Dutch Lily Masters elevates the lily to an art and that is reflected in her latest collection. Valuable moments in life, like All Saints’ Day, deserve only the very best lilies!

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