Discover the world, bring Eden Collection into your home. This phrase encompasses the essence Smit Kwekerijen. Because who doesn’t love to Discover the world? The world with all it’s beauty and pure nature, in which the most diverse secrets lie hidden. This is our grower of the Week.


Through a selection of unique and distinctive indoor plants, Smit Kwekerijen tries to reveal some of these secrets. Their collection consists of plants from all over the world that let’s you bring the world and all of its continents into your home.

Snijanthurium van Anthogether
In de kas bij Anthogether

Eden Collection

Smit Kwekerijen’s Eden Collection contains a combination of different plant species of varying colours and pot sizes. An important prerequisite for creating the collection is that the plants are to be strong and easy to care for, so you can enjoy these precious gems for an extra-long time!

Plant Hunter

Their ‘plant hunter’ Obed Smit explores the world several times a year, searching for new and rare plants. The result of his travels form the basis of Smit Kwekerijen taking into account market trends and changing consumer preferences. From a precise selection of seeds and seedlings, they constantly develop new green products.

Anthurium Denali

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